The Oldest AG Gold Medal, It Feels Like a Dream

“The Oldest AG Gold Medal, It Feels Like a Dream… “I’ll Enjoy Gaming Even when I’m 60.” [Joohyun Lee’s Login E-Sports]

Interview with Street Fighter V national team leader Kim Kwan-woo and director Kang Seong-hoon

“Fighting games are still so much fun.

I think I will still enjoy the game even when I turn 60.”

He is 44 years old. Gamer Noh Ik-jang, who won a gold medal at the Hangzhou Asian Games at a young age, still has his eyes shining when he talks about games.

The Korea Economic Daily met with Street Fighter 5 national team member Kim Kwan-woo, who made his name known as the ‘oldest gold medalist,’ and coach Kang Seong-hoon, the ‘top contributor’ who helped him.

Kim Kwan-woo became the first Korean e-sports player to win a gold medal at the Hangzhou Asian Games. 카지노사이트

When asked how they felt about winning the gold medal, they both said in unison, “I still can’t believe it.”

Kim Kwan-woo said, “At that moment, it really didn’t feel like my job, like I was playing a VR (virtual reality) game,” and added, “Seeing my parents happy after returning to Korea made me feel real.”

Kim Kwan-woo’s father even hung up a banner in the neighborhood, saying, “It is the pride of the family.”

Director Kang also shared his thoughts, saying, “When I returned to Korea and appeared on TV, I felt, ‘This is real.’”

Street Fighter 5, in which Kim Kwan-woo competed, is a fighting game.

As a genre, it is a non-mainstream genre in Korea.

Since the scale of the competition is not that large, many people work side jobs to make a living.

In fact, he also participated in competitions from time to time while working as a game developer.

He said, “With my love of fighting games, I continued to enjoy and practice in my spare time after work.”

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