Reeve Sandbox Unveils New Slogan and Uniforms

Live Sandbox (LSB), the team of Esports company SBXG (formerly known as Sandbox Gaming), has unveiled its slogan “Cool Kids Never Panic” and new uniforms for the upcoming LCK 2023 Spring Season. The team has signed an agreement with lifestyle sports brand FCMM to provide uniforms and lifestyle apparel to Live Sandbox for two years starting this season. The slogan “Cool Kids Never Panic” captures the youthful spirit of the team, which has been rejuvenated by a roster overhaul, and the slogan is incorporated into the fresh design of the uniforms.

The uniforms are part of a brand partnership between the two companies that aims to capture the youthful nature of esports. It is being evaluated as a brand alliance that combines the strengths of both companies, Liv Sandbox, which recently broke the limits and prejudices of esports by selecting the first female player in the LCK, ‘DangMoo‘ Jeon Soo-jin, and FCMM, which is a lifestyle sports brand that is perfectly evaluated in terms of price, quality, and functionality.

Park Chan-young, CEO of FCMM, the official sponsor of the uniforms, said, “It’s a new experience to produce a uniform for LIV Sandbox that takes differentiating points from the existing uniforms. We are pleased to be a partner of Live Sandbox, an esports club with a different sensibility.” “Recently, we have been expanding our business into various fields with Ive Ray and Creator Oking. We will make waves in the esports industry with designs that have never been seen before and new attempts and challenges.”

SBXG CEO Jung In-mo said, “LIV Sandbox has continued to grow by breaking the boundaries and prejudices of esports. We have welcomed the LCK 2023 Spring Season with a younger team, including a roster reorganization, and we will reward our fans with good results. 토토사이트 We ask our fans for their continued support and encouragement.”

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