The opening game in Korea for the first time in MLB history next year…Kim Ha Sung is coming

The opening game in Korea for the first time in MLB history next year…Kim Ha Sung is coming


The U.S. Major League Baseball Secretariat, which dreams of “globalization of baseball,” has announced that it will play the opening game of the regular league between the LA Dodgers and San Diego in Korea in March next year.

It is the first time that an official game of Major League Baseball is held in Korea.

In March next year, the LA Dodgers and the San Diego Padres, which are full of world-class baseball stars, will visit Korea.

The opening two games of the two teams are scheduled to be held in Seoul, and it is the first time in history that an official Major League match will be held in Korea.

It is the ninth time in the history of the big league that the opening game will be held outside the U.S. and Canada.

The most likely venue for the game is Gocheok Dome in Seoul.

The games are scheduled for March 20th and 21st, so considering the cold early spring weather in Korea, it is very likely to be held at Gocheok Dome.

The MLB Secretariat is planning to conduct an due diligence on the stadium early next month.

<Song Sun-jae/MLB Korean Manager> “Korea is one of the important markets in MLB. Since it is a game that follows MLB regulations, there are checklists such as fields and clubhouses to check the system (pitch clock).”

The KBO secretariat explained, “Practice games between major league teams and domestic teams may be held before the opening game,” adding, “The schedule of KBO exhibition games may change accordingly.”

With San Diego’s Kim Ha-sung, who is active in the big leagues, returning home in glory to meet domestic baseball fans,

<Kim Ha-sung/San Diego infielder> “I can’t describe how happy and happy I am to be able to play in Korea in a San Diego uniform.” See you in Seoul!”

Fans’ expectations are growing as a number of experts predict Ohtani’s transfer to the LA Dodgers, a “two-hitter and two-hitter star” who will qualify for FA after this season.

The LA Dodgers, where Park Chan-ho and Ryu Hyun-jin played in the past, already have a large number of fans in Korea, drawing attention to the success of the “Seoul Series” ambitiously released by the MLB Secretariat.


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