‘Phantom Singer 2’ contestant Cho Min-woong passes away at 37

The late tenor Cho Min-woong / Captured from social media

Tenor Cho Min-woong, an opera singer and former contestant on JTBC’s “Phantom Singer 2,” passed away at the age of 37 on June 29.

Cho was found dead at his home, with the cause of death being a heart attack, according to industry sources on Sunday.

Cho, who attracted significant attention as a contestant on the second season of “Phantom Singer” in 2017, was known for his vocal talent, having studied at Seoul Arts High School and Yonsei University’s Vocal Music Department.

Even after his stint on “Phantom Singer,” Cho continued to be active in the music scene. He performed in various concerts and appeared on KBS’ “Open Concert” as recently as June, making his sudden passing all the more shocking.

Condolences have been pouring in on social media from Cho’s friends and colleagues.

Composer and singer Go Young-bin wrote, “My dear brother. You said we’d see each other soon, why did you have to leave in such a hurry? I’m so sad. Sing beautifully in heaven. I’m sorry and I love you.”

Friends and acquaintances also shared their grief, leaving such heartfelt messages as: “Our Min-woong, I hope you’re not lonely there and that 커뮤니티 you laugh and sing to your heart’s content and find happiness,” and “My beloved brother. You sent me a message at 6:41 a.m. saying ‘I just woke up’ and then this happens suddenly. I’ll come see you as soon as I get back to Korea. I’ll always love you.”

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