I wanted a 100% LAL man… 3Points 39.6% 3&D, LeBron leaves Adetokunbo to meet Adetokunbo

Prince is leaving the Lakers for Milwaukee.

The Milwaukee Bucks have agreed to a one-year contract with Tyreke Prince, The Athletic reported on Thursday (Feb. 4).

Prince joined the Lakers for a relatively modest one-year, $4.5 million deal before last season. He split time between the starting lineup and the bench in 2023-2024, averaging 8.9 points on 39.6% shooting from three-point 사설 토토사이트 range.

After the season, Prince hit free agency again and gave an interview in which he expressed his desire to remain with the Lakers. He told Lakers Nation: “The quality of life that my family has felt in L.A. is probably something that we haven’t felt in the last three or four seasons. That’s why staying in LA is my No. 1 priority in free agency. I definitely want to be a Laker, 100 percent.”

However, Prince’s words didn’t translate into reality. The Lakers’ circumstances forced him to change teams yet again.

The Lakers signed Max Christie to a four-year deal and LeBron to a two-year deal this summer, with D’Angelo Russell and Jackson Hayes opting in. Even without Prince on the roster right now, the Lakers have a salary cap surplus that needs to be adjusted. It was a difficult situation for Prince to leave the Lakers in, regardless of whether he wanted to or not.

Prince’s new home is in Milwaukee. With his ability to defend the wing and his accurate shooting, Prince is expected to play alongside Yannis Adetokunbo and have an Altoran-like performance.

Coincidentally, Davin Hamm, who was the Lakers’ head coach last season, returned to Milwaukee after being fired. Prince will be working with Hamm for the second straight season.

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