Ahn Hye-ji and Heo Ye-eun, role models for Dongju Girls’ High School Field Commander Kang Hyo-rim

Dongju Girls High School’s Kang Hyo-rim cites Ahn Hye-ji and Heo Ye-eun as her role models.

With the 2024 Korea Basketball Weekend League Regional Qualifiers kicking off on June 15, the girls’ middle school and high school teams will be in full swing this month.

Dongju Girls’ High School, which finished third at the Association Championships in April and lifted the trophy at the Federation Championships in May, is also in the midst of preparing for the Weekend League. The team is sweating profusely as it aims to win the entire 토토사이트 추천 Weekend League.

Guard Kang Hyo-rim said, “After the championship, we have been working out to improve the team atmosphere. Our team has the advantage of having a tall center. We are using that advantage to practice offense with a lot of movement from the outside and give-and-take runs.” She shared the team’s atmosphere and latest news.

“In the last two tournaments, our center sister was injured, so we focused on matching the sum of our outside players. Personally, I tried to look at my offense and assists together,” she said, looking back on the Association Championships.

“We won the championship, but we left a lot to be desired. We stumbled in some areas that we could have easily solved. As a guard, I didn’t feel centered, so I reflected a lot,” he said, pointing to the Federation Championships.

Kang Hyo-rim cites ‘assists’ and ‘fast breaks’ as her strengths. On the other hand, she said, “I need to practice my three-point shot more. I need to work on my 3-point shot more, and I need to cut down on my sloppy play and trying to make too many (passes).”

When asked about her role models, she said, “Busan BNK’s Ahn Hye-ji and Cheongju KB Stars‘ Heo Ye-eun are my role models. I want to emulate Ahn’s ability to lead and pass, and Heo Ye-eun’s ability to give when she needs to give and attack when she needs to attack. I want to emulate her.”

Finally, Kang Hyo-rim said, “My coach usually advises me to be confident, and since I’m a person who thinks a lot, she tells me to ‘keep it simple during the game’. This weekend, I’m going to try to do what she says. I will play confidently so that we can win the whole series without any injuries.”

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