The Stimulus for the V-League Rookie of the Year

The stimulus for the V-League Rookie of the Year… Lee Jae-hyun is a high school junior, and Kim Se-bin is a father

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance setter Lee Jae-hyeon (21) and Korea Expressway Corporation middle blocker Kim Se-bin (18), who were named the men’s and women’s rookie of the year in the V-League in the 2023-2024 season, have a slightly special motivational factor.

First, Kim Se-bin’s father is Kim Cheol-soo, the general manager of the Korea Power Volleyball Team, who played in the same position during his active career, and her mother is Kim Nam-soon, the former coach of the women’s volleyball team, who played for Korea-Japan Synthetic and KT&G.

Kim Se-bin met with reporters after the awards ceremony held at the Grand Ballroom of The K Hotel Seoul in Seocho-gu, Seoul on the 8th and expressed her gratitude, saying, “(My dad) tells me what I did well and what I did poorly after the game.” 파워볼

He said with a smile, “When I keep repeating what I said even though I said I knew, it feels a bit like nagging.”

Kim Se-bin, who said he wanted to emulate his father’s blocking and his mother’s fast breaks, played 136 sets in 35 games this season and ranked 5th in blocking (0.596 per set) and 7th in fast break success rate (44.38%).

Kim Se-bin was proud and said, “I thought I wanted to work hard during the season and receive the rookie award,” but gave herself 50 points.

He looked back and said, “I lacked a lot in the first season, and I want to do better next season.

There are still a lot of areas I am immature on the court.”

Jaehyun Lee receives inspiration from his high school junior, Taejun Han (20, Woori Card).

While Lee Jae-hyun went through college and won Rookie of the Year, ‘high school graduate’ Han Tae-jun was named in the men’s top 7 as the starting setter in his second year.

Lee Jae-hyun expressed his determination, saying, “I am motivated to work harder as my high school junior Taejun works hard.

Next season, I want to increase the number of appearances and be selected as one of the best 7″

Lee Jae-hyun, who was selected as the 7th pick in the second round of last year’s rookie draft, received more opportunities to play than Park Tae-seong (OK Financial Group), who was the 3rd pick in the first round, and played 94 sets in 31 games.

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