94% of LIV golf players this season exceed $1 million in prize money

All participants receive prize money

Of the players who participated in LIV Golf at least once this season, 94% won prize money exceeding $1 million (about 1.3 billion won).

According to LIV Golf, which receives significant financial support from Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund, 49 of the 52 participants in this season’s 13 tournaments, excluding the final match held as a team championship, earned more than $1 million in prize money.

Taylor Gooch (USA, photo), who won the individual competition in the 4th, 5th, and 8th competitions this year, earned about $17.32 million (about 22.6 billion won) from 13 competitions. As the season champion, Gooch earned a bonus of $18 million (about 23.5 billion won), exceeding $35 million. Since his debut on the PGA Tour in 2014, he has participated in 123 tour tournaments, winning once, and earned more than three times the amount of approximately $9.25 million (approximately KRW 12.1 billion) in one season. LIV Golf has a large prize pool, but it also awards prize money just for participating in the competition, regardless of performance.

In response to LIV Golf’s ‘oil money‘ offensive, the PGA Tour also stepped up its game this season by holding 12 tournaments with a total prize money of more than $20 million (about KRW 26.1 billion). As a result, Scotty Scheffler (USA), who ranked first in prize money, became the first player in tour history to exceed $20 million in season prize money, recording approximately $21.01 million (approximately KRW 27.4 billion). The number of players who earned more than $1 million in prize money also increased from 126 last season to 139 this season. However, among the total prize money recipients (241 people), the proportion of players who earned more than $1 million was about 58%, which was much lower than that of LIV Golf. 토토사이트

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