25% stake in Manchester United acquired by British billionaire Ratcliffe “The sale war is over”

The BBC, CNN, and the Associated Press reported on the 24th (local time) that British billionaire Jim Ratcliffe purchased a 25% stake in Manchester United, a prestigious club in the English professional soccer Premier League (EPL).

According to the media, Manchester United announced on this day that Ratcliffe, who is chairman of the global chemical company Ineos and is a long-time fan of Manchester United, completed the acquisition of a 25% stake.

As a result, Chairman Ratcliffe won the competition to acquire Manchester United against Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB) Chairman Sheikh Jassim and a hedge fund.

Chairman Jassim attempted to acquire all of Manchester United’s shares for 5 billion pounds (8.2754 trillion won), but withdrew from the takeover battle as the team’s owners, the Glazer family, demanded a larger amount.

Chairman Ratcliffe decided to purchase 25% of Manchester United shares at $33 per share through Ineos Group.

With the purchase price of this stake, the value of Manchester United was estimated at $5.4 billion (approximately 7.362 trillion won). It fell short of the initially expected $6 billion.

Previously, Manchester United’s board of directors voted to sell a 25% stake to Chairman Ratcliffe for 1.3 billion pounds (2.1516 trillion won).

The Glazer family officially began the process of selling its stake in Manchester United a year ago.

Ineos Group said in a statement that Chairman Ratcliffe would acquire 25% of Manchester United’s Class B shares and up to 25% of the class A shares available for purchase, and would “provide an additional $300 million to invest in the exclusive stadium Old Trafford.” .

Manchester United’s largest shareholder, the Glazer family, and Class A shareholders will receive $33 per share sold, the media added.

Chairman Ratcliffe’s acquisition of a stake in Manchester United must be approved by Premier League authorities. 스포츠토토맨

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