External Pressure from the President’s Office in his First Trial.

Former Marine Corps Investigation Team leader Park Jeong-hoon

who was indicted for insubordination while investigating the death of Corporal Chae in the line of duty

repeatedly raised suspicions of external pressure on the investigation by the President’s Office, saying

I heard that the President has never been so enraged about the national defense (field) as this time.” 먹튀검증사이트

Former Director Park attended the first trial held at the Central Military Court in Yongsan-gu, Seoul on the 7th and said,

The essence of this matter is an illegal order to reduce the results of the investigation.

If I had simply given an order to transfer intelligence

why would I have spent two days worrying about it with the Marine Corps commander?” he said.

When I asked the Marine Corps commander

Why is the Ministry of National Defense like this?’ around 11 o’clock on July 31

(President Yoon Seok-yeol) was furious when the Secretary of National Defense was briefed (on the results of the investigation)

he ordered him to contact the Minister of National Defense, and the President said to the Minister

This is what happened. “I heard that he said, ‘If the division commander is punished

who will become the division commander?’” he emphasized.

Even before entering the courtroom on this day, former Director Park said to reporters

Today is the 141st day since the late Corporal Chae died in the line of duty,” adding

The police investigation to determine the cause of death is far from over, and the investigation by the Corruption Investigation Office to identify pressure outside the investigation is also slow.

It’s worth it. “It is truly a sad and frustrating feeling

he pointed out.

Colonel Park died in the line of duty while being deployed to search for missing persons due to heavy rain last summer.

After investigating the case of a corporal, eight people

including the division commander at the time

were transferred to the police on charges of manslaughter.

Accordingly, the military prosecutors indicted him on charges including defamation

saying he violated former Minister of National Defense Lee Jong-seop’s instructions to withhold intelligence transfer and reexamine the case.

The facts of the indictment claimed by the Ministry of National Defense prosecutors at the trial on this day were that former Director Park violated the order to withhold transfer of intelligence, and that former Minister Lee Jong-seop asked

when receiving a report on the results of the investigation

whether the division commander should also be included

raising the honor of his superior. is that it was damaged.

On the other hand, former Director Park’s lawyers refuted that the military prosecutor’s indictment did not meet the requirements for the crime of mutiny.

In order for the crime of mutiny to be established

it must be related to military operations or education and training

but the order to withhold intelligence transfer is unrelated to this.

In addition, it was emphasized that in the case of Corporal Chae, under the revised Military Court Act

the investigative power lies with the civilian population

so the military has no authority to issue orders.

In particular, at the trial on this day, the statement of the first metropolitan investigation leader

who handed over the Marine Corps Investigation Team’s incident investigation report to the Gyeongbuk Provincial Office, was also revealed.

Attorney Kim Jeong-min, former director Park’s lawyer, said

“(The 1st Gwangsu Chief)’s handover was a normal task, and while working on the investigation so far

he has never received any unfair instructions to revise the details of the investigation or exclude the suspect.

He revealed that he was never instructed when to hand over the case.

Additionally, 1st Captain Gwangsu explained that he stated that if former Director Park had instructed him not to hand over the suspect until he was excluded

he would have judged it to be an unfair order and handed it over as is.

On this day, the court judged officials of the Ministry of National Defense, including Army Major General Park Jin-hee

former military aide to former Minister of National Defense Lee Jong-seop

Director of the National Defense Policy Office Heo Tae-geun, Legal Affairs Manager Yoo Jae-eun, and Spokesperson Jeon Ha-gyu; Lee Yun-se

Director of the Public Information Office Jeong-hoon, Legal Affairs Director Jang Dong-ho

Policy Director Kwon In-tae, and Personnel Director Kim Tae-won were also selected as witnesses.

On the way to attend former Director Park’s first trial, about 20 members of the Marine Corps Comrades Association joined him.

They hung up a placard that read, ‘Call for a fair trial for the law-abiding case of Colonel Park Jeong-hoon,’ and Kim Tae-seong

president of the 81st Marine Corps Officers Association, said

“This despicable act of mass lynching of individuals will ultimately be judged severely by history.” criticized.

Meanwhile, on this day, the father of the late Sergeant Lee Ye-ram and the mother of the late Private First Class Yoon Seung-ju also visited the court.

Sergeant Lee’s father, Joo-wan Lee, said, “Isn’t this an amendment to the Military Court Act created due to the unjust deaths of soldiers

including our daughter?” and “Nevertheless, outrageous things like former Commander Park’s crime of mutiny occurred.

He raised his voice, saying

Based on the court’s ruling, the public will make a judgment on the existence of the military court.”

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