The Man who Scored Multiple Goals Against Chelsea Speaks

While Manchester United (Man United) won 2-1 against Chelsea

circumstances revealed that Manchester United manager Eric Turnhach changed his training method.

This can also be seen in the remarks of Scott McTominay

who scored multiple goals against Chelsea in the 15th round of the 2023/24 English Premier League held on the 7th (Korean time) and led the team to victory. 카지노사이트랭크

After the game, McTominy gave an interview to local media and expressed his thoughts on victory and his determination for the next game.

He said, “Coach (Turnhach) conducted light training in preparation for the upcoming game, delaying the players’ physical exhaustion.”

This contradicts what has recently been reported in the media. ‘Sky Sports’

which broadcasts the Premier League in England, caused a stir on the 5th by reporting that

Turnhag has lost half of the support in the locker room” and that “many players are training excessively.”

Sky Sports also emphasized that the coach’s control over the team is decreasing, saying, “The players do not understand the extreme intensity of training.”

But McTominay said something different.

He said, “The coach approached the game with light training to save the players’ stamina,” and “This is because the upcoming game will be busy and intense.”

McTominay ranked first in scoring for the club with two goals in this game.

McTominay, who scored 5 goals in the league alone, including the scores in this game

surpassed team captain Bruno Fernandez (3 goals) and became the sole top scorer in the club’s Premier League this season.

McTominay scored his first shot of the game in the 19th minute of the first half.

A cross in front of Chelsea’s goal was headed by Manchester United central defender Harry Maguire, but was blocked.

As a result, he kicked the ball that bounced away with his right foot and scored the first goal.

In the 32nd minute of the first half

he threatened Chelsea’s goal with a header and a right-footed shot, and then scored an additional goal with a header in the 24th minute of the second half, confirming the team’s victory.

It was a moment when Manchester United’s pressure shined. He headed a cross from Alejandro Garnacho from the left side and scored the goal.

At that time, three Manchester United players were rushing into Chelsea’s penalty box at once.

Manchester United constantly put pressure on Chelsea and scored a good goal.

Chelsea started the chase in the 45th minute of the first half when Cole Palmer scored a good goal with his left foot

but failed to bring the game back to square one.

Palmer, who received a pass from Mihajlo Mudrik, dribbled hesitantly

peeled off Manchester United defenders, and scored the equalizer with an accurate and quick left-footed shot near the box.

However, Chelsea was unable to score any more points in the last attacking opportunity of the second half due to Manchester United’s strong defense and the bad luck of hitting the goal post.

With the win in this game, Manchester United narrowed the gap to 3 points with their hometown rival Manchester City.

This is because, following Manchester City’s 3-3 draw at home to Tottenham Hotspur on the 4th

the team slowed down with a shock 0-1 loss in the 15th round match against Aston Villa on the 7th.

McTominay was not excited by the narrowing point gap with Manchester City.

He said, “We have to deal with it one game at a time,” and “The upcoming match against Bournemouth will also be a difficult test.

He then maintained a calm attitude, saying

I can’t be complacent just because I showed a good performance tonight,” and “There are still many important games left

including the next game and the next game.”

Nevertheless, unlike the nightmare-like performance of the 14th round league match against Newcastle United on the 3rd

which resulted in a 0-1 loss, it was significant that this match was a good performance.

McTominay expressed his joy at the victory, saying, “We played very well in the first half of the game,” adding

The fans are also happy that we have improved on the abysmal performance we showed in the last game against Newcastle.”

However, it is still too early for Manchester United to be happy. This is because the point gap with Arsenal

currently in first place, is quite large at 9 points, and they are in 6th place, one step behind Tottenham

who have the same points due to the goal difference.

In addition, we must put in a lot of effort to advance to the round of 16 of the UEFA Champions League.

To advance to the round of 16, Manchester United must win the final group match of this season’s Champions League against Germany’s Bayern Munich on the 13th, and at the same time

the match against Galatasaray SK and Copenhagen in the same group must end in a draw.

In addition, there are still six games left this month, and the 17th round match against Liverpool

a strong team and second place in the league, is scheduled for the 18th.

It appears that Manchester United will need to achieve good results

this month to be given the green light to advance to the Champions League next season.

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