Choi Jeong-Kim Eun-ji meet again… for the second year in a row to win the women’s title

“Go queen” Choi Jung (27), 9th dan, and “genius girl” Kim Eun-ji (16), 8th dan, will meet at the top once again.

Choi Jeong-jeong and Kim Eun-ji will face off for the title in the final three games of the 7th HaeSung Women’s Go Championship, which starts on March 12.

Having held the top spot in the women’s rankings for 121 consecutive months, Choi is a self-explanatory powerhouse in women’s go.

Choi has already won five out of six women’s titles.

Her opponent is Kim Eun-ji, the next generation ace who has risen to No. 2 in just over three years in the game.

In this tournament, Choi defeated Kim Min-ji first, Cho Hye-yeon ninth and Kim Chae-young eighth to reach the final, while Kim Eun-ji eighth defeated Kim Hee-soo first, Heo Seo-hyun fourth and Kim Hye-min ninth.

Choi and Kim also faced off in the final of the Women’s Kisungjeon last year, with Choi winning.

The two also met in back-to-back finals this year, in August at the IBK Business Bank Bae and in September at the Dr. Ji Women’s Top Knight Decision.

All three final matches were won by Choi Jung.

In terms of their career head-to-head record, Choi leads 12-2.

However, Kim Eun-ji’s rise this year has been uncharacteristic.

After winning back-to-back titles at the Nanseol Tribute last month, Kim Eun-ji is now 90-41 on the year, ahead of Choi Jeong (66-34) in terms of overall record.

“I’m happy to see Sifu Choi again in the Women’s Kisheng final,” Kim said, adding, “She’s stronger than me, but I’ve made a lot of progress, so I want to have a fun match.”

It will be interesting to see how Kim Eun-ji, who is improving day by day, will fare in her fourth final against Choi Jung.

The winner of the ‘HaeSung Women’s Gi Seongjeon’, the largest women’s individual tournament in Korea, will receive 50 million won, while the runner-up will receive 20 million won.

Following the first round of the finals on December 12, the second round will be held on the 18th.

In the event of a 1-1 tie, the final three will be held on the 19th. 사설토토

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