Tuchel & Munich’s Big Picture or Delusion Mbappe Would you Like to Cut Your Salary and Play with Kane and Kim Min-jae

Is this possible? Bayern Munich sent a love call to the biggest star in soccer. The only condition is a voluntary reduction in salary.

Kerry Howe, a reporter for Germany’s ‘Sport 1’, said on the 16th (Korean time)

Bayern Munich and coach Thomas Tuchel seriously believe that signing Kylian Mbappe is not impossible,” adding

However, if Mbappe comes to Munich, they will “They want to cut salaries significantly,” the report said.

Mbappe, who signed a new contract with PSG after the end of the 2021-2022 season, is already facing free agency (FA) once again. 토토사이트

He is pursuing a transfer rather than staying with the team at this point. He has once again been strongly linked with his dream club Real Madrid

but his real opponents are in disfavor.

In last summer’s transfer window, Mbappe told the club that he would not exercise the option for a one-year extension.

PSG responded by saying that if a new contract was not signed, it would be sold before the season started. Afterwards, they were actually excluded from the pre-season.

In fact, Mbappe’s move to Real seemed likely, but the move to Real was once again canceled due to the atmosphere within France and other royalties in the contract.

From Real’s point of view, they have been dragged around three times due to the recruitment of Mbappe.

Is that why? Some French media claimed that

Real’s intention to recruit Kylian Mbappe has clearly decreased compared to the past, and that

the decision to renew his contract right before the transfer was completed had a great negative impact on Real.”

A new dark horse has emerged here. It is Munich under coach Tuchel, who previously managed Mbappe at PSG. 

In a recent interview with German media, he expressed his interest, saying

I am interested in recruiting Mbappe.

He is a smart player, so if we recruit him, it will definitely lead to good results.”

In fact, the relationship between coach Tuchel and Mbappe is significant. 

In the 2019-2020 season, coach Tuchel’s PSG won the Ligue 1 and Cup competitions and was runner-up in the UCL. 

Interestingly, the team that defeated coach Tuchel’s PSG in the final at that time was coach Hans Flick’s Treble Munich.

With coach Tuchel like this, Mbappe can be lured to Munich.

Howe, a Munich and German soccer expert, said, “It is true that Munich and coach Tuchel are interested in signing Mbappe.

They do not think signing Mbappe is completely impossible.”

If Mbappe joins, he could build a Munich dynasty along with Harry Kane and Kim Min-jae, who joined in this summer’s transfer window. 

In fact, Kim Min-jae, who was brought in for a huge transfer fee, played in all games, and Kane showed off his overwhelming performance by scoring 17 goals in 13 games.

However, there was a prerequisite. It is impossible to give Mbappe the huge salary he receives from PSG. Howe emphasized

If Munich wants to recruit Mbappe, the player himself will have to drastically cut his salary,” and added, “That’s the way to go

but we will step forward to recruit him.”

In short, this is only possible if Mbappe gives up various rights and salary that he enjoys. It is extremely unrealistic. 

Here, Mbappe has mentioned Real and AC Milan as his dream clubs, but it is known that he is somewhat distant from Munich.

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