Its Driving Force Behind the Victory that has Been Waiting for ‘29 Years

They say there is no need to ask if your boyfriend or girlfriend is an LG fan. That means it’s trivial. 

LG Twins coach Yeom Kyung-yeop, who presented the championship trophy to LG fans who had been waiting for 29 years, is now in the studio. 

hello? Congratulations. How are you spending your days?

After winning, I had a good rest with my family for two days. 스포츠토토

What was your first thought the moment your win was confirmed?

I did it. And when we really started, our fans came to the ballpark a lot and showed great interest

so what if we don’t win? I had so many worries about how I could make so many people feel so sad, but fortunately

I am very happy that it ended on a good note and gave fans a chance to smile.

say there were a lot of fans shedding tears at the scene, and there were also a lot of people crying while watching it on TV.

The fans cried a lot, our players cried a lot, and I cried too. I think it was a victory that made everyone shed tears of emotion. 

[Anchor] Did you shed a lot of tears?

When I really imagined it, I thought it would pour out loud. 

That desperation touched my emotions.

There was a famous anecdote that when you won second place in 2014, you went to the bathroom and cried.

I cried so hard at that time. At that time, we were in a situation where our power was falling significantly

but it was a time when Seungwoon, the most important thing in baseball, followed

so it was a pity that we missed the Korean Series even though Seungwoon followed us. Although we were young at the time

we fearlessly challenged ourselves to win the championship. I think it was 2014 when I had so much regret.

It was during the Nexen era. So, is this your first win as a professional baseball manager? [Yeom Kyung-yeop] This is my first time doing it.

I think you must have felt something special.

That’s right. I’ve always had the title of a coach that fans can’t win, and personally, I think dropping that title was one of the biggest things.

I’m weak in the post-season, and I’m usually very salty, but didn’t that sound like a burden this time too?

If I keep thinking that way from the outside, I become discouraged and I think there have been many situations like that. 

However,after going through the ordeal at SK and taking a break and studying for two years

I once again questioned myself about what things went well during my time as a coach and what things prevented me from hearing these words from fans and receiving recognition.

Taking the time to look back and reflect was a huge help in this season, and I think we were able to achieve good results with our players because of that help.

I am currently meeting Director Yeom, who is famous for always doing a lot of reviewing, studying a lot, and focusing on data. Which was the most competitive in this series?

I think the most important game in this series was the second game. 

In the 1st inning of Game 2, Choi Won-tae made a quick substitution as the balance was shaken, and in that quick substitution, our middle bullpen took responsibility for their own innings and prevented 8 1/3 innings without allowing any more runs, which was the foundation for the comeback victory.

And at the most crucial moment, our player Park Dong-won hit a comeback home run. I think that victory gave our players confidence in this Korean Series and was the biggest point in winning the championship.

The coach gave 10 million won each at his own expense to our players Park Dong-won and Yoo Young-chan. Is this an encouragement money? I heard you sent money..

Actually, I wanted to express my gratitude to the players after winning the pennant race, but it was a bit awkward to give them a small gift, so I thought it would be a good idea to bet 10 million won on the near miss as well as to motivate the Korean Series. I discussed it with the coaches, and the coaches think it’s a good idea, coach. So, I bet 10 million won as a near miss, but Yoo Young-chan was so good that I thought it would be a good idea not to give him to me, so I just gave 10 million won to both players.

You don’t say that Yoo Young-chan is our Yoo Young-chan?

This is our Yoo Young-chan.

I sent 10 million won each, and what did Park Dong-won and Yoo Young-chan reply to me?

I sent a text message saying that I would like to give it to my wife as a gift instead of using it myself, as they have worked hard over the past year, but I received a text message from everyone saying, “I understand and thank you.”

Okay. The deciding factor was the second game. Didn’t you think that Park Byung-ho would hit a come-from-behind home run in Game 3 as well?

In fact, the third game was also a very difficult match. It was a bloody game for me, and I was ahead for now, but Oh Ji-hwan’s error turned the game around, and Park Dong-won hit a home run right after that, and I was very worried in the 8th inning. Should we use Lee Jeong-yong or save Go Woo-seok? I thought that if I could block the 8th inning, I could block the 9th.

Since the batting order in the 8th inning started with the number 1 batter, that batting line was currently the best and strongest for KT Wiz, so after much deliberation, Go Woo-seok was brought up, but Go Woo-seok was a little shaken there, creating a difficult situation, and Park Byung-ho We allowed a comeback when a player hit a two-run home run, and even though this created a difficult situation, our players turned it around in the top of the 9th inning, and I think the win in Game 3 was a game that gave us the energy to win the Korean Series. Do it.

After finishing Game 3, did you think that was enough?

Yes, I had the thought that Seungwoon had come to us rather than KT.

Since you’re talking about Go Woo-seok, I think it’s probably one of the concerns of all coaches. A closing pitcher is the most reliable player, but no matter how good a closing pitcher is, there are times when he falters and falls into important moments, right? At such times, it is very difficult to believe in it and keep writing. What did you think?

Ko Woo-seok is not a player who will play for the LG Twins for just one year. He has been the save champion so far and has a good pitch. That is why he experiences difficulties at every moment, but through going through those difficulties, Ko Woo-seok will definitely grow and help our team. I thought he was growing, and of course, there were many situations where Go Woo-seok would have been bad, so I put Go Woo-seok on the team and prepared again later. And I think we were able to win because Go Woo-seok finished well in game 5 anyway.

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