‘All 12 scorers’ BNK wins Iran national team by 43 points

Lee So-hee scored 20 points and Kim Ji-eun scored 17 points

Women’s basketball Busan BNK, in which Lee So-hee scored 20 points, won a 43-point victory over the Iranian national team.

In the first leg of the 42nd William Jones Cup held at Heping Gymnasium in Taipei City, Taiwan on the afternoon of the 5th, BNK beat the Iranian national team, ranked 78th in the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), by a score of 87-44.

BNK, who finished runner-up in women’s professional basketball in the 2022-2023 season, represented Korea at the Jones Cup.

led by coach Park Jung-eun, will compete with a total of six teams, starting with the Iranian national team, Taiwan, Japan’s Chanson Cosmetics, and the Philippine national team.

On the afternoon of the 6th, at the same place, BNK will play the 2nd match against the Taiwanese team B, made up of Taiwanese national team standing military level players.

Director Park Jeong-eun selected the best members, including captain Kim Han-byul, Jinan, Ahn Hye-ji, Lee So-hee, and Kim Si-on.

BNK brought atmosphere from the beginning of the match against Iran, where everyone wore hijabs.

About two minutes after the start of the first quarter, Lee So-hee opened the door with a 3-pointer and showed off a floater, boasting a high-sensitivity shot.

Kim Ji-eun and Han Um-ji also scored three points, and BNK finished the first quarter with a huge lead of 22-6.

In the second quarter, Lee So-hee, Kim Si-on, and Park Da-jeong, a ‘transfer student’, scored 3 points.

Choi Seo-yeon, who changed her uniform at Yongin Samsung Life Insurance, also scored a goal following a brilliant dribble breakthrough, a skill that BNK had at one time widened the gap to 32 points.

Jinan committed the fourth foul with 7 minutes and 32 seconds left in the third quarter, and two minutes later, Choi Min-joo and Moon Ji-young joined forces to keep under the goal after being sent off for the fifth foul.

With the performance of Kim Si-on, who scored two 3 points in the 3rd quarter alone, BNK ran away to 69-29.

Even Park Gyeong-lim made a successful free throw with about 4 minutes left until the end of the 4th quarter, and all 12 players who played that day scored.

Three seconds before the end, Choi Seo-yeon succeeded in both free throws, ending the game 87-44.

Iran was so tied to BNK that the first and last three points of the game came out 40 seconds before the end of the second quarter.

On the other hand, BNK had a field goal success rate of 51.6% and a three-point shot success rate of 41.4%.

Lee So-hee scored 20 points, including 3 points and 4 shots, and the field goal success rate reached 80%.

Kim Ji-eun scored 17 points, including 3 points and 5 shots, with a 3-point success rate of 71.4%, and Han Um-ji supported her with 11 points.토토

Ahn Hye-ji played the leading role in the attack with 7 assists.

Iran’s Sheida Shojaei Honeshahri scored the most in the team with 12 points.

Two BNK fans who came from Korea wearing uniforms sat at the closest seats to the court and cheered on the players.

Family members, including parents of Jinan, who were naturalized in Taiwan, also visited the stadium to watch their daughter play.

After the game, coach Park said, “As I represented Korea, I thought I should show a good performance with pride.

Today was a game to test how to solve the rest of the game.”

He continued, “We wanted to show our basketball game from the practice match against Cathay Life in Taiwan, but the players seemed to have done a good job.”

Regarding Taiwan, the next opponent, Park said, “Perhaps because Taiwan is close to Korea, our styles are similar. We played matches often.”

“Both Korea and Taiwan are going through difficult times on the international stage.

We can create an opportunity to develop together.”

Coach Park expressed his determination, saying, “Since I came out of the tournament, my goal is to win first,” and “I hope it will be a tournament where each player can grow further.”

Jinan said, “When I decided to participate in the Jones Cup, I immediately contacted my grandparents.

I was happy to be able to see my game in person.

I want to go back,” he said, expressing his feelings after playing the first game.

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