The truth about Sotnikova doping must be revealed”… Official Letter to the Sports Council and the IOC

It’s late, but can Yuna Kim take the gold medal at the Sochi Olympics? 

After Sotnikova’s ‘doping remarks’, the Korea Sports Council actually requested a reinvestigation of the IOC. 

We got the letter.

Russia’s Sotnikova made a stir in the figure skating world by confessing that “there was a problem during the doping test in 2014”.

As her suspicions grew, she maintained her innocence, saying “it was just a scratch on her doping sample”.스포츠토토

Recently, he also released a picture of himself smiling broadly in front of a picture of himself with a gold medal around his neck at the Sochi Olympics.

While the Russian side is also evolving, the Korean Olympic Committee recently sent an official letter to the IOC to confirm the truth.

According to the letter obtained by JTBC, it requested confirmation of the doping procedure and test results during the Sochi Olympics,

and also asked the IOC’s position on Sotnikova’s remarks and the possibility of a reinvestigation.

However, the IOC sent an answer to JTBC’s question about this suspicion, saying, “The IOC cannot comment because there was no doping case at the time.”

This means that you can respond passively to questions from the sports meeting.

The storage period for doping samples for the Sochi Olympics is until February of next year, which will be 10 years, so if the problem is not resolved within the next six months, the results may be irreversible.

[Lee Yong/People’s Power Member (Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee of the National Assembly)

We plan to continue to make efforts to have it through various channels (not just letters), and to confirm the IOC’s reinvestigation position as soon as possible.

If Sotnikova’s doping is

caught If it is confirmed that this was during the Olympics and the result of the reinvestigation results in a positive test, Yuna Kim can win a gold medal and win her second Olympic gold medal.

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