‘FW driven to Inter’…the 80-year-old legend’s big heart

Lukaku is set to end his loan at Inter Milan in the Italian Serie A and return to his original club, Chelsea. However, Lukaku doesn’t want to return to Chelsea. He has consistently expressed his desire to stay at Inter Milan. He emphasized that Inter Milan is the only team he wants to play for.

Inter Milan fans believed Lukaku’s sincerity, especially after he helped the Nerazzurri reach the UEFA Champions League (UCL) final last season, and they expressed their desire to keep him.

But then a shocking twist happened. It turned out that it wasn’t Inter Milan that Lukaku really wanted to join, but Juventus. Chelsea had been in talks with Inter Milan to sign Lukaku permanently, but they couldn’t agree on a transfer fee.

Juventus stepped in and tried to get Lukaku on better terms, reportedly outbidding Inter for not only the transfer fee but also Lukaku’s salary. Lukaku then expressed his desire to join Juventus.

Inter Milan fans were furious when this was discovered, especially when they realized that Lukaku wanted to join their biggest rivals in the league. Inter 먹튀검증 Milan abandoned their pursuit of Lukaku. Feeling betrayed, Inter Milan fans quickly labeled Lukaku a “traitor” to the club.

Despite this, one of Inter’s all-time legends, Sandro Mazzola, who turned 80 this year, held Lukaku close to his heart.

Mazzola is a “one-club man” who played for Inter Milan for 17 seasons between 1960 and 1977. In total, he made 568 appearances and scored 161 goals. That’s good enough for fourth place on Inter’s all-time list. Mazzarri won two Serie A titles and two UEFA Champions League titles with Inter Milan.

Speaking to Italy’s ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’, he said, “The boy has always been attached to the Inter Milan jersey. I, too, wanted Inter Milan and Lukaku to go together, but what is happening now is really inexplicable. There is controversy,” he said.

“I’ve always liked Lukaku. At first it seemed impossible for him to wear a Juventus shirt. Despite all the controversy, I will cheer and support Lukaku. I don’t want anything to go wrong for Lukaku. Even if Lukaku scores a goal in a Juventus shirt, I will be happy,” he added.

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