Allowing Russian and Belarusian athletes to return: IOC Details

Some Russian athletes will soon be able to compete internationally, but it’s unclear whether they will be eligible for the next year’s Summer Olympics in Paris. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has recommended that Russian and Belarusian athletes gradually return to international competitions.

“Sports organisations must have the sole responsibility to decide which athletes can take part in international competitions based on their sporting merits 메이저토토사이트 and not on political grounds or because of their passports,” Bach told reporters after the meeting.

Following IOC suggestions to do so in the wake of the invasion of Ukraine, the majority of international sports federations governing Olympic sports last year banned Russian and Belarusian athletes.

He reiterated earlier statements that, following the invasion and prior to the initial February 2022 recommendations, some governments refused to grant Russian and Belarussian competitors visas, and other governments threatened to withhold funding from athletes who competed against Russian and Belarussian competitors. He added that there was a danger to the security of Russians and Belarusians at events at the time.

By 85 votes to 51, with three abstentions, the Russian and Belarusian teams were allowed to return, and by 88 votes to 48, with two abstentions, the officials were allowed to join FIE events.

The vote to approve allowing Russian and Belarusian fencers to participate in individual competitions was easily passed by 89 to 46, with one abstention, “subject to possible future IOC recommendations/decisions, and in compliance with conditions of neutrality and individual eligibility.”

Only neutral entries and a ban on team event involvement are suggested by the IOC. Athletes must also have a track record of passing substance tests. Additionally, athletes who back the conflict in Ukraine or who work for the militaries or national security services of their respective countries must be disqualified.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) agreed that Russia and Belarus should continue to be excluded from team sports like basketball and football, but it refused to heed repeated requests from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to bar all Russian athletes while his nation is under occupation and attack.

Bach argued that athletes from Belarus and Russia who have actively supported the conflict in Ukraine or who are “contracted to the military or national security agencies” should not be permitted to participate as neutral athletes.

Following what he claimed to be a unanimous decision among the 15 members of the executive board, Bach said at a press conference that Russia and Belarus “cannot be considered” for a return in team sports.

The IOC stated in a document outlining its recommendations that team competitions in other sports, such as relays, mixed doubles, or team all-around in gymnastics, should also be prohibited.

“There is definitely discrimination in this,” veteran Russian gymnastics coach Valentina Rodionenko said in comments reported by RIA Novosti, adding that with “conditions like these, they understand very well that Russia itself will not agree to them.”

These athletes must wear uniforms that are either all-white or just one color; club logos are not permitted. The IOC’s document specified that athletes should be prohibited from flying their national flags on social media or from saying anything “that may 토토사이트 be prejudicial to the interests of the competition, its integrity, or the participant’s neutrality.”

Talking about the Paris Olympics decision, Bach said: “The IOC will take this decision at the appropriate time at its full discretion, without being bound by results of previous Olympic qualifiers.” He did not specify a time frame.

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