Han Hyo-joo cast as lead in Netflix’s upcoming Japanese series

Actor Han Hyo-joo, second from left, will lead  Netflix’s new Japanese original “Romantics Anonymous.” Courtesy of BH Entertainment

Actor Han Hyo-joo will be taking on a Japanese series, playing the lead character in Netflix’s new original, “Romantics Anonymous.”

Drawing inspiration from the 2010 romantic comedy film by French director Jean-Pierre Ameris, the upcoming series will center around Lee Ha-na (Han), a talented chocolatier grappling with social anxiety.

Despite her remarkable talent in crafting chocolate, Lee finds herself challenged by her extreme timidity, struggling in social situations. Upon securing a position at the renowned chocolate shop, Le Sauveur, she encounters Sosuke Fujiwara (Shun Oguri), the shop’s representative and the son of a prominent confectionery tycoon. Sosuke, too, grapples with his own phobias stemming from a traumatic past.

“I am pleased to take part in a collaborative piece between Korea and Japan. Approaching this filming experience with the perspective of a budding actor, I’m embracing a fresh sense of tension, eager to delve into my role,” Han said through her agency BH Entertainment.

“I will do my best until the very end to create a great piece of work. Your interest and support will mean a great deal to me.”

Actor Yuri Nakamura will play the character of Irene, who is Sosuke’s psychologist. She later becomes Lee’s counselor, also helping Lee get through her anxiety. Actor Jin Akanishi will play a bar owner who is Lee’s mentor and develops feelings for her.

The series will be helmed by director Sho Tsukikawa, known for his previous work on the 2017 romance film “Let Me Eat Your 안전 Pancreas.” It is being developed and produced by the Korean production company Yong Film, recognized for its contributions to the 2020 horror film “The Call” and the 2024 melodrama “My Name is Loh Kiwan.”

The series is slated for release on the streaming platform next year.

Han, who debuted with the lead role in the popular sitcom “Nonstop 5” in 2004, has played the lead role in various films and series, including the romance film “The Beauty Inside” (2015) and the suspense series “W” (2016).

She made her Hollywood debut after landing a role in the action series “Treadstone” in 2019. She recently starred in Disney+’s smash hit series “Moving” last year, followed by the platform’s thriller series “Blood Free,” which was released last month.

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