Go Woo-seok’s fourth humiliation? Nobody’s looking for him, but he’s a phone call winner?

After being recognized as one of the best closers in the KBO, Go Woo-seok (26-Miami) decided to take on the challenge of the major leagues ahead of the 2024 season. There were concerns that he would not be “paid the right price” after his 2023 season, which was well below his career averages, but he stayed on track to fulfill his dream.

At the last minute, San Diego reached out to him, signing him to a two-year, $4.5 million guaranteed, 2+1 year deal worth up to $9.4 million. It was a complicated deal with incentives and options, but it was thought that if he proved himself in the majors for two years, he could be in line for the big payday of his life before the 2026 season. But he’s having a rough time of it in 2024.

There were about four major ego-bruising moments. First, I didn’t make the 26-man active roster for the start of the 2024 season. He traveled with the team to Seoul for San Diego’s season opener, but was declared disabled on opening day.

Go was then sent down to Double-A rather than Triple-A to start his pitching rehabilitation. It seemed like San Diego wanted him to pitch in a more comfortable environment. However, his progress was slower than expected, and the Padres eventually traded him without ever using him. On May 5, San Diego completed the trade by sending him to Miami for a package of three prospects in exchange for former National League batting champion Luis Arajuez.

They offered him two years and $4.5 million guaranteed, and actually spent more when you add up the posting money. The team hadn’t even changed the general manager who drafted him, and they traded him before he’d played a single game. It was his second humiliation and trial.

After his move to Miami, the ordeal continued. Despite performing well in Triple-A, there was no call-up, but instead, on May 31, the team designated him for assignment (DFA). The 40-man roster was empty. To make room for a player (Shawn Anderson) on the 40-man roster, someone had to go, and he was the target.

The fourth indignity is that no team has yet shown up that wants him. He’s on waivers, which means he could be moved if a team claims him, but four days later, there’s still no word. Normally, if a team makes a claim, it would be announced 안전놀이터 quickly. The general interpretation is that if a team hasn’t claimed you, it’s likely that you’ll eventually clear waivers.

As a result, he was designated for assignment to the club’s Triple-A team, increasing the likelihood that he will continue to play in Triple-A. The process isn’t over yet, but so far, so good. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, as Miami-Dade’s roster situation means that if Go Woo-seok shows what he can do, he’ll always have a chance. In fact, it might be easier for him to get it than for other teams.

Sitting in last place in the National League East, Miami’s chances of making the postseason have already been greatly diminished. The team is looking beyond next year rather than this year. The trade deadline will likely see the team sell off a number of key players. Naturally, roster spots will open up, and if Kouzoune shows up, he could always make it back to the 40-man roster and then the 26-man active roster. While the 40-man exclusion is an ordeal, it’s easier 카지노사이트 to look at it as a rite of passage over the course of a two-year contract.

Miami will be keeping a close eye on Gausman, as they are still obligated to pay the remainder of his salary. That’s a lot of money to keep in the minors, so they’ll have to utilize it somehow. Ideally, Go should be on the major league roster this year and finish the season on the 26-man roster. If he finishes the season in the minors, it’s unlikely he’ll be on the 40-man roster at the start of next year, so the minor league veto doesn’t mean much. Go Woo-seok is still young. If he holds on to this moment, there are other bright spots ahead.


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