AI detects your skin tone from 150 shades at AMORE Seongsu

A robot manufactures a personalized foundation product at AMORE Seongsu in Seongdong District, May 23.  Korea Times photo by Park JIn-hai

Cosmetics and high tech don’t typically go hand in hand. Yet, drawing from the latest Consumer Electronics Show (CES), it’s clear that the beauty industry is embracing cutting-edge technology, including AI, to tailor personalized cosmetics products.

At CES, L’Oréal unveiled an AI-powered virtual beauty advisor, able to recommend products by analyzing photos and pinpointing hyper-specific skin qualities like radiance and eye contour. Similarly, local cosmetics companies are harnessing AI technologies to diagnose skin conditions and offer customized product suggestions.

For those eager to witness firsthand the marvels of cutting-edge AI technology in the realm of K-beauty, AMORE Seongsu stands as an ideal gateway into the world of innovation. As the beauty flagship space of cosmetics giant Amorepacific, it offers a tantalizing glimpse into the transformative potential of AI within the realm of Korean cosmetics. Nestled in the trendy Seongsu area, the space, which used to be a car repair shop, has been transformed into a bustling hub housing an impressive array of 1,200 products from 30 distinct brands. Visitors are invited to delve into personalized makeup with TONEWORK, utilizing AI data for tailored beauty experiences. This reporter tried making a personalized foundation, among three services offered based on on-the-spot AI skin analysis.

To access the custom Hera foundation service at TONEWORK, reservations are essential to consult with colorists and makeup artists. However, numerous AI-powered tablets in the store allow you to scan your face and receive instant suggestions for matching products on-site.

Upon entering the flagship store, I made my way to the cleansing room to ensure a pristine canvas for an accurate skin tone measurement. After inputting basic information such as nationality, sex, and age group, I selected up to three skin concerns. Opting for freckles and uneven skin tone, the diagnosis commenced with the use of the 스포츠토토존 Skintone Finder — a stick featuring six circles of varying colors. Developed with patented technology from KAIST, this innovative tool gauged various aspects of my skin. The top and bottom circles measured the brightness, while the left and right circles assessed yellowness and pinkness.

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