Lotte Choi Jun-yong, entry erased for good reason Appeared in 23 of 40 games

Interview with Lotte director Kim Tae-hyung

Choi Jun-yong (22), a right-handed reliever for the professional baseball Lotte Giants, is an indispensable core resource for the team.

Choi Jun-yong, who recorded 14 saves in 2022 and 14 holds in 2023, is playing the role of a sure-win team again this season, recording 1 win, 2 losses, 3 holds, and an ERA of 4.19.

However, Lotte deleted Choi Jun-yong from the first team entry on the 15th.

This is due to the judgment that the team’s status has recently declined.

Lotte coach Kim Tae-hyung said at Suwon KT Wiz Park on the 15th, “I think Choi Jun-yong needs to rest for 10 days. It’s been a bit of a difficult schedule with a lot of close games, so I hope he comes back after a good rest.”

Choi Jun-yong recorded an ERA of 2.87 with 1 loss and 3 holds until April, but slumped to an ERA of 9.82 in the 8 games he pitched since May.

There is a reason. Choi Jun-yong appeared in 23 of the team’s 40 games this season.

He is tied for second place in the most games pitched in the KBO League, following LG Twins Lee Woo-chan (24 games).

Although the number of pitches was not high, fatigue accumulated due to frequent mounding.

In addition to Choi Jun-yong, Lotte has another bullpen pitcher who has appeared in many games.

Rookie pitcher Jeon Mir also appeared in 23 games, the same as Choi Jun-yong.

Jeon Mir appeared in 14 games, including a double header with KT Wiz on April 21, and performed exceptionally well with an ERA of 1.35, but he showed signs of shakiness starting with the SSG Landers game on April 24, with an ERA of 12.91.

He has the highest ERA among Lotte pitchers who have pitched more than 5 innings during this period.

However, coach Kim Tae-hyung hinted at plans to utilize him more in the first team, saying, “Jeon Mir threw a lot at the beginning of the season, but he hasn’t had long fights recently.”

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