Lee Jung-min, the ‘youngest match queen’ 14 years ago, appears to be the oldest to win

On the first day of Doosan Match Play, he won by 6 holes against Ji Han-sol Lee Ye-won also got 1 point

Lee Jeong-min’s tee shot.

Lee Jeong-min, 32 years old, experienced the joy of winning for the first time in her life at the 2010 Doosan Match Play Championship when she was a rookie on the Korea Ladies Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour.

It was a victory that served as a stepping stone to a total of 11 wins. He also set the record as the youngest winner of this competition.

Lee Jeong-min, who used to hit a lot of long hits with a smooth and fast swing that comes from his tall height, is no longer a long hitter due to being pushed out by juniors who are about 10 years younger, but his performance is still the same, including reaching the top at the Chris F&C KLPGA Championship last month.

Lee Jeong-min defeated Ji Han-sol by 6 holes in the first group stage match on the first day of the Doosan Match Play (total prize money of 900 million won) held at Ladena Country Club (par 72) in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do on the 15th.

This has laid the foundation for Doosan to rise to the top of the Match Play once again after 14 years.

In the group stage, where 64 players are divided into 16 groups, a win earns 1 point, a tie earns 0.5 points, and the player with the most points advances to the round of 16.

If Lee Jung-min wins this time, he will set a record for being the oldest winner of the competition.

Against the formidable Ji Han-sol, who had won three times on the KLPGA tour, Lee Jeong-min made six birdies in the first nine holes to secure a landslide victory.

Starting from the 10th hole, Lee Jeong-min took the lead with consecutive birdies on holes 10 and 11, and then made 4 consecutive birdies on holes 15 to 18 to tie the game early.

Lee Jeong-min, who led by 7 holes due to Ji Han-sol’s concession in the 1st hole, gave up 1 hole to Ji Han-sol, who made a birdie in the 3rd hole (par 4), but tied the 4th hole, confirming victory with 5 holes remaining.

If Lee Jeong-min wins this tournament, he will become the second player to win the Doosan Match Play more than twice, following Kim Ja-young.

Also, with her second win of the season, she is tied for first place in most wins along with Park Ji-young and Lee Ye-won.

Lee Jeong-min said, “It was a satisfactory match not because my opponent was bad, but because I had a good iron shot today,” and said, “The green is a difficult course, but my iron shot was good and I was able to create a short birdie chance.”

“In match play, the most important thing is not to give up until the end,” said Lee Jeong-min. “You may make mistakes on drives or iron shots, but if you show that you don’t give up until the end, your opponent will feel that it is not easy. Because I know this well, I will keep it until the end.” “I try to play with a sense of intimidation,” he said, also revealing a strategy worthy of a match play winner.

Among the 64 players participating in this tournament, Lee Jeong-min has the most match play appearances and the most winning experience.

Lee Jung-min won last year’s prize money title, grand prize, and first place in average stroke in the group stage, and must beat Lee Ye-won, who has already won two games this year, to advance to the round of 16.

Lee Jung-min will face Park Do-eun in the second game of the group stage on the 16th, and will compete with Lee Ye-won to advance to the round of 16 in the last game of the group stage on the 17th.

Lee Jeong-min expressed confidence, saying, “I am a player who won twice this year and won last week, but I try to think of them as all the same players.” He added, “For a match, the condition on the day is the most important. Not everyone wins just because they have a high ranking.” 스포츠토토

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