Knowledge is power If the range finder falls and the ball moves

There are no referees in golf. It is a ‘gentleman’s sport’ in which golfers play by following the rules themselves. Golf rules are ‘helpers’ created to aid play. If you know it well and use it appropriately, it can be of great help in managing your score. These are golf rules that weekend golfers must know.

Heaven helped Hwang Yu-min. The 18th hole (par 4, 371) of the 3rd round of the Doosan Construction We’ve Championship (total prize money of 1.2 billion won), the domestic opening match of the Korea Ladies Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour, held at Teddy Valley Golf & Resort (par 72, 6,685 yards) in Seogwipo, Jeju Island on the 6th. yard) situation. At the point when he was leading by one stroke, Hwang Yu-min dropped the range finder he was holding on the ball and almost received a penalty stroke. He was not penalized as the game committee confirmed through video review that the ball did not move. Fortunately, he played without a penalty, and finished with a two-stroke lead by hitting a birdie right next to the hole cup.

Immediately after the third round, Hwang Yu-min reflected on the time, saying, “At first, I was nervous and hoped I wouldn’t get a penalty. It was a mistake I made because I couldn’t come to my senses, and I decided to accept whatever decision was made.” He then smiled and said, “Luckily, I think I finished well because I was lucky.”

Players must always remain focused during the round. This is because if the ball moves accidentally, you will be penalized. If a golfer’s belongings touch the ball and move it regardless of intent, a one-stroke penalty is given. Hwang Yu-min added 1 under par in the final 4th round to win by 1 stroke (14 under par, 274 strokes). If he had received a one-stroke penalty on the 18th hole in the third round, he could have missed out on the championship trophy.

After a rangefinder incident, Hwang Yu-min received her second win in nine months since the Daeyu Winia MBN Women’s Open in July last year and received a winning prize of 216 million won. He ranks first in prize money rankings (252.66 million won), grand prize points (106 points), and average number of strokes (69.36 strokes). The world ranking was also ranked 40th, up 23 places from last week.

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