Mourinho shot Tottenham again

Jose Mourinho didn’t even want to imagine his time at Tottenham Hotspur.

He pointed out that the environment in which he could not focus on the manager’s job at Tottenham was an unsuccessful factor and said he was not a manager at Tottenham.

Mourinho recently had an interview with Fabrizio Romano, an expert on the European soccer transfer market. Romano released a video clip of his interview with Mourinho on his SNS account on the 27th (Korea Standard Time). Mourinho, who is currently unemployed, said in an interview with Romano that he wants to find a new team as soon as possible, looking back on his past career.

Because I couldn’t concentrate on my supervisory duties.

England’s “Football London” paid attention to one of Mourinho’s remarks. It was about Tottenham.

“Football London” said, “Coach Mourinho explained what he felt was insufficient to succeed at certain clubs while he had success at Chelsea, FC Porto, and Real Madrid. He said the reason why he failed to succeed at other clubs, including Tottenham, was because he could not concentrate on his work as a coach,” highlighting Mourinho’s remarks.

According to the 토토사이트 media, Mourinho said, “Some clubs require structural management, technical management, and communication management. They also need to protect the club and the players. This is something coaches don’t like. They only want to do what they have to do as coaches.”

“Ideally, the coach can only focus on coaching at stadiums, training sites, locker rooms and touchlines. I was a coach at Inter Milan and Real Madrid. I was also a coach at Chelsea and Porto. I was not a coach at any other club.”

Tottenham didn’t win a trophy.

Inter Milan, Real, Chelsea and Porto, which Mourinho mentioned, are the clubs that successfully completed his career as manager. Mourinho won the UEFA Champions League and two leagues when he was Porto, and Chelsea lifted the Premier League record by setting the minimum number of goals lost. At Inter Milan, he became the first team to achieve a treble, bringing glory to his team.

However, the team failed to win a trophy at Tottenham. Tottenham is the only team in his career that Mourinho has never won a championship. Even in AS Roma, who took over after leaving Tottenham, Mourinho was on top of the UEFA Europa Conference League.

“Football London” interpreted Mourinho’s remarks, saying, “Coach Mourinho did not go so far as to say that the time he worked with Chairman Daniel Levy was a problem, but he excluded Tottenham from the list of clubs that gave him the best chance to succeed.”

“Many people opposed Mourinho’s appointment from the beginning, but Mourinho also has questions to answer,” the media said. “There was an opinion that Mourinho was no longer special. Although his tournament record was impressive, he could not produce the best results in the league.”

It shows why it ended at the highest level

He also criticized Mourinho, saying, “He has failed to prove that he is at the same level right now. His remarks appear to have targeted Tottenham, but they are believed to have targeted Chelsea, Manchester United, and Rome since 2014. This shows why Mourinho ended at the highest level.”

Mourinho’s past remarks were also heard. “Football London” shed new light on Mourinho’s criticism of Tottenham last year, saying, “This is not the first time Mourinho has shot at Tottenham.”

“I hope Tottenham fans don’t get me wrong. But Tottenham is the only club in my career that doesn’t feel a lot of emotions. Maybe it’s because the stadium is empty. Levi’s president did not let me win the trophy in the final. I felt a sense of bond at Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan, Real and Manchester United.”

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