‘Singer-songwridol’ no longer feels alone onstage

K-pop solo artist Jeong Se-woon / Courtesy of Starship Entertainment

Despite being a solo artist, singer-songwriter Jeong Se-woon is no longer alone when he is onstage. He now has a special team that he works with — an ensemble of inner personas that he calls Team Jeong Se-woon .Exuding a bright and relaxed demeanor, the 26-year-old welcomed The Korea Times to the headquarters of his agency, Starship Entertainment, in Gangnam District, southern Seoul for a lively media interview, Wednesday. Jeong’s musical journey began when he was 16, with appearances on multiple survival audition programs, including “K-pop Star Season 3” (2013) and “Produce 101 Season 2” (2017). Narrowly missing the final 11 in “Produce 101” by just one place, he has since then never had the chance to work as part of a team. Reflecting on his past, Jeong shared that he had once yearned for a sense of belonging.

“I was often treated as an idol among other singer-songwriters and a composer among idols,” he said. “I guess people instinctively aspire to have a sense of belonging, so I thought a lot about myself and who I was during my early career.” At one stage in his life, the singer felt out of place, between two different worlds, now Jeong has built his own unique way of working in a team, sort of. The singer fragments himself into distinct personas, each contributing to various endeavors. Each of the different personas within him plays a specific role such as singing or dancing. Jeong went on to explain his team of inner personas .”I essentially act as if I’m part of a group, performing different personas of myself and different roles. The Jeong who sings is distinct from the one who thrives in variety shows and I find solace in this diversity,” he said with a chuckle .Recognizing the potential peculiarity of this approach, he explained, “It’s my way of focusing on every moment and giving my best. Achieving the best outcome requires a lot of effort and expecting one person to handle it all is quite a burden. That’s why I prefer to think I’m in a team with my multiple 토토사이트 personas.”

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