Pepper Savings Bank on the brink, battles GS Caltex for pride

It’s a game that could go down in V-League history in disgrace. Pepper Savings Bank is on the brink.

Pepper Savings Bank was unable to end its losing streak in February. They welcomed Korea Expressway Corporation home, but fell 1-3 in straight sets, extending their losing streak to 19 games. The poor performance of main hitter Yasmin Bedardt (real name Yasmin) was a major factor. She managed just 3.23% attack efficiency and committed a team-high seven errors. Park Jung-ah had a decent performance on offense, scoring 15 points on a 42.42% attack success rate, but her receiving efficiency was only 8%. Oh Ji-young, 토토 who returned to the starting lineup for the first time in a month, also looked like she hadn’t gotten her game together yet.

We need to try to move more and jump more. If she fails to do so and loses this match, she will have the disgrace of tying the record for the longest losing streak in the women’s league set by KGC Ginseng Corporation (now Chung Kwan-jang) in the 2012-2013 season. As professionals, they have to put their pride on the line.

Their opponents, GS Caltex, didn’t get off to a great start in Round 5 either. They suffered a shutout loss against Heungkuk Saengsung. Giselle Silva (real name Silva) was the lone star of the game. Silva poured in 22 points with only two errors, but she was isolated with no support from her domestic players. Kang So-hwi, who was supposed to form a duo with Silva, only managed an 18.92% attack efficiency, while Yoo Seo-yeon had a negative attack efficiency (-15.38%). The team’s receiving efficiency was only 28.79%, far behind Heungkuk Life (37.1%).

The gap between them and Jungkwanjang-IBK is still not that big. With only two days off after this match and a tough schedule ahead of them, where they will face leader Hyundai E&C, GS Caltex will have to make sure they get three points. To do so, they will need plenty of supporting fire from their domestic players.

Will Pepper Savings Bank face a thrilling first win or a historic disgrace?

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