‘One of the best prospects in the world, a very special talent’

‘The most talked about prospect in the world, a special talent’

The Swedish media is showering a player with praise. Maybe it’s a bit too much hype, but it’s certainly something to get excited about. He’s tall, blond, sculpted, and looks like the epitome of Nordic handsomeness, and he’s got star power. So much so that Europe’s biggest clubs have been bidding for him, with Tottenham Hotspur ultimately winning. When Swedish sensation Lukas Berivall, 18, signed for Spurs, the local media in Sweden went wild. They’ve been raving about his talent and expressing their excitement for him to succeed in the EPL.

TBR Football, a British soccer media outlet, reported on Nov. 21 (ET) that “Swedish media were excited after the Tottenham signing played in their national cup competition. Berivald is one of Tottenham’s most promising signings this transfer window. 바카라사이트 He’s a long-term signing rather than an immediate one. Spurs manager Enze Postecoglou has faith in the player’s potential. He has a reputation for developing young players, so it”s a good synergy between him and Verbal.

Verbal won’t be joining Tottenham right away.

Under FIFA’s youth rules, he will have to play out the rest of the season with his current club, Jurgårdens in Sweden, before he can join Spurs on July 1. Spurs are not alone in the race for Verbal this winter transfer window, with 10 other high-profile clubs, including Manchester City and Barcelona, joining the chase. Verbal was initially set to join Barcelona, but eventually changed his mind after seeing Spurs’ development projects and training plans for him.

The Swedish media has been full of praise for the player, who joined Spurs after making such a big splash. In particular, 안전한 파워볼사이트 they have been raving about his recent performances in his country’s cup competitions. TBR Football reported that “the local media were thrilled when he picked up an assist in a cup game,” and that “they called him one of the most talked about prospects in the world and described him as a very special talent. The Swedish media are confident that Berivall will have a successful era at Tottenham.

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