K League, Hana Bank, Hana Card ‘Congratulations Card Season 2’ launched

‘Congratulations Card Season 2’ launched

Korea Professional Football League (President Kwon Oh-gap), Hana Bank (CEO Lee Seung-yeol), and Hana Card (CEO Lee Ho-seong) are launching ‘K League Congratulatory Card Season 2’ ahead of the opening of the 2024 professional soccer K-League 1 season. was released. The Professional League announced on the 26th, “The Congratulatory Card, which was released in 2019 and loved by K-League fans, has been renewed to mark the 5th anniversary of its release.”

The design of the newly released ‘K League Congratulatory Card Season 2’ utilizes the mascots of 25 K League clubs (12 K League 1 and 13 K League 2), and also incorporates symbolism representing Hana Bank, the K League title sponsor. The professional league explains that it was paid.

Hana Bank is holding an admission ticket discount event to commemorate the launch of ‘K League Congratulatory Card Season 2’.If you purchase a K-League ticket with your Congratulations Card by July 31st, you will receive a discount of 5,000 won per credit card and 3,000 won per check card regardless of seat class, and you will also receive a 5% 안전 discount at the Daejeon Hana Citizen souvenir shop.

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