SSG Bae Young-soo pitching coach

 Bae Young-soo (42) SSG Landers pitching coach has never left the field since 2000, when he began his career as a professional baseball player. However, I am interested in ‘Stranger Things’ in 2024, a new start at SSG .Coach Bae Young-soo met with reporters at Incheon International Airport on the 30th after leaving for Biro Beach, Florida, USA, where SSG set up a spring camp, and said, “There are many things I want to try.” He added, “I have continued to coach without stopping after retirement, and this year I feel new again. “I feel it,” he said. Coach Bae played as a pitcher from 2000 to 2019, posting 138 wins, 122 losses, 3 saves, 7 holds, and an ERA of 4.46. He ranks 7th in total individual wins in the Korean Professional Baseball KBO League. He played for a long time as a right-handed ace representing Korean baseball, including being named the best player in the 2004 regular season, but he also had a difficult time due to decreased velocity after elbow ligament joint surgery. Coach Bae, who felt both joy and sorrow on the mound, began his coaching career with the Doosan Bears in 2020 and transferred to the Lotte Giants in 2023.Coach Bae, who started 2023 as the 1st team pitching coach and finished the season as the 2nd team general manager, will make a new start as the main pitching coach of the SSG 1st team in 2024.He said, “I am leaving the country today, but I have prepared quite a lot. The SSG club has compiled data on players into a thick book. By looking at the extensive data, I have been able to understand the players to some extent. Now, I will see it with my own eyes at spring camp.” He said with an excited expression.

SSG coach Lee Sung-yong plans to entrust most of the pitching management to former pitcher head coach Song Shin-young, main coach Bae Young-soo, and bullpen coach Lee Seung-ho .Coach Bae said, “I am friends with bullpen coach Seung-ho Lee. Thanks to coach Seung-ho Lee, who was coaching at SSG, it was easier to identify players.” He added, “I already had an in-depth meeting with the head coach and coach Seung-ho Lee. We discussed and decided on the best direction. “We will search for it,” he said. SSG’s pitching staff is an even mix of veterans such as Gwang-hyun Kim, Hyo-jun Ko, and Kyeong-eun Noh, seniors such as Jong-hoon Park and Seung-won Moon, and prospects such as Ro-woon Lee and Young-jin Song. However, the veteran still takes center stage on the mound. The rebound of Park Jong-hoon and Moon Seung-won, and the growth of young pitchers such as Lee Ro-woon and Song Young-jin are important tasks given to Coach Bae in this spring camp .Coach Bae promised, “There is nothing left to do with SSG’s veteran players,” and added, “For young pitchers, it is important to create good habits. We will do our best in spring camp.”

He continued, “I had two phone calls with Park Jong-hoon (who performed poorly last year). I plan to meet with Moon Seung-won at camp,” and added, “If you have a strong desire to show something, there are times when it goes astray. Through conversation, we discussed both the technical and psychological aspects. “I plan to find a solution,” he added. Coach Bae Young-soo is from a superstar background .Song Young-jin and Lee Ro-won also said, “It is an honor to play with Coach Bae, who set great records during his active career. ”However, Coach Bae also had a time in the second team, struggling with a decrease in velocity after surgery. Coach Bae, who was extremely proud, ended his career as a player brilliantly by throwing ‘the last ball that confirmed the Doosan Bears’ Korean Series victory in 2019.’After working as a coach for four years, he experienced various positions in the first and second teams .Coach Bae said, “I don’t have a long career as a coach, but I learned a lot by going to the 1st and 2nd teams. I read a lot of books and felt the difficulties of the 2nd team players,” and added, “What I learned as a player and coach, I put everything into practice for the SSG pitchers. “I will pour it out,” he said. SSG highly values ​​Coach Bae’s ‘broad perspective’ .Coach Bae 카지노사이트 plans to study hard, communicate with the players, and solve the SSG pitching staff’s homework.

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