Chungcheong area environmental group urges disallowance of Daecheong Lake Golf Course due to concerns over environmental destruction

Members of environmental groups opposing the construction of Daecheong Lake golf course

On the 26th, the Daecheong Lake Golf Course Anti-Water Basin Countermeasure Committee, comprised of environmental groups in the Chungcheong region, urged North Chungcheong Province not to allow the construction of a golf course that will destroy the environment and threaten the survival of residents. The countermeasures committee held a press conference at the briefing room of the North Chungcheong Provincial Office on this day and made this request, saying, “As Okcheon-gun submits a plan related to the Daecheong Lake golf course to North Chungcheong Province, it will soon be reviewed by the provincial urban planning committee.”

The countermeasures committee argued, “The Daecheong Lake Golf Course cannot be viewed as a matter of constructing a general sports facility,” and “Because it is adjacent to Daecheong Lake, the source of drinking water for 4.5 million Chungcheong residents, it threatens the health and safety of residents due to water pollution. ”At the same time, he said, “I hope North Chungcheong Governor Kim Young-hwan will keep in mind that the priority for the province is not permitting the construction of a golf course, but protecting the health and safety of Chungcheong area citizens by conserving the clean water of Daecheong Lake.”

Previously, Okcheon-gun reviewed K Development’s proposal for the tentatively named ‘Okcheon Perfume CC’ to be built on 1,193,137㎡ of Jiyang-ri, Dong-myeon, and then applied for change of use zone and decision on sports facilities to North Chungcheong Province in December of last year .North Chungcheong Province plans to consult with the Geumgang River Basin Environmental Office to evaluate the impact on the environment (strategic environmental impact assessment) and then hold an urban planning deliberation committee to decide whether to draft the plan.K Development plans to build a 27-hole public golf course and a golftel 온라인카지노 (31 rooms) here .It is the first regular hole golf course in the Okcheon area.

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