Born in 2008, Ejio placed 4th in the men’s halfpipe at the Snowboard World Cup.

Ezio, fly

Chaewoon Lee, 6th place overall in the halfpipe season Choi Ga-on placed 7th in the women’s division.

Korea’s Ezio is demonstrating his skills in the finals of the snowboard halfpipe competition at the 2024 Gangwon Winter Youth Olympic Games held at the Welli Hilli Park Ski Resort in Hoengseong-gun, Gangwon-do on the 1st.

Snowboarder Lee Ji-oh (Yangpyeong Middle School), born in 2008, ranked 4th in the halfpipe at the International Ski Federation (FIS) World Cup.

Ezio took fourth place with a score of 85.50 in the men’s halfpipe finals of the 2023-2024 FIS Snowboard World Cup held in Calgary, Canada on the 11th (Korean time).

Lee Ji-O is a promising player who is two years younger than Lee Chae-Woon (Suri High School), born in 2006, who is currently the star of the Korean men’s halfpipe.

He also participated in the 2024 Gangwon Winter Youth Olympics (Gangwon 2024), where Lee Chae-woon won both the snowboarding halfpipe and slopestyle, and Lee Ji-oh, who ranked 5th in the halfpipe on the 1st of this month, continued his momentum by performing in the top ranks at the World Cup.

Ezio, who has been competing in the World Cup since this season, has never passed the preliminaries in previous competitions, but in this competition, he ranked 9th in the preliminaries (67.75 points) and entered the finals, where the top 10 players advance, for the first time.

In the final, he scored 85.50 points, the highest in the third period, leaving a much better result than the preliminaries in both score and ranking.

The winner was Valentino Guselli (Australia), who scored 91.50 points in the final, while Japan’s Ruka Hirano (88.25 points) and Shuichiro Shigeno (86.75 points) took second and third place, respectively.

Hirano accumulated 300 points in the overall rankings of the Halfpipe World Cup, where five competitions were held this season, beating Guselli (230 points) and taking first place in the event.

Lee Chae-un, who only participated in three World Cup competitions due to injury and participation in Gangwon 2024 and won a silver and bronze medal, finished the season in 6th place (176 points).

In the women’s division, Lee Na-yoon (Kyung Hee University) placed only 15th in the preliminaries (41.25 points) and did not advance to the finals.

In this match, Mitsuki Ono (Japan) took the top spot in the final with 90.00 points, followed by Maddie Mastro (USA, 88.25 points) and Sena Tomita (Japan, 87.00 points).

Mitsuki ranked 1st overall for the season (380 points), and Mastro ranked 2nd (260 points).

Choi Ga-on (Sehwa Girls’ Middle School), who won the Copper Mountain World Cup in the U.S. last December, the second competition of this season, finished the season in 7th place overall (140 points).

Choi Ga-on injured his back when he fell during training at the Swiss Rocks competition last month, and has not been able to participate in various competitions, including Gangwon 2024, since then.

Chloe Kim (USA), who participated in two competitions and earned 76 points, finished in 15th place overall. 19가이드03

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