The Right Person to Fill Son Heung-Min’s Vacancy

Timo Werner was moved by Tottenham coach Anger Postekoglou’s persuasion.

Reporter Fabricio Romano, known as an expert in the transfer market, said on the 7th, “HERE WE GO”, a unique comment shouted when a transfer is imminent, and “Werner is going to Tottenham. An agreement has been reached with Leipzig and all documents are ready. Tottenham is obligated. “We have signed a loan contract with no signing clause. Werner will soon go to London for a medical test,” he said.

Werner, who acknowledged his failure at Chelsea through the summer transfer window of the 2022-23 season and returned to RB Leipzig, looked like he would perform well in the German Bundesliga again. However, starting this season, Werner was feeling thirsty for games as he rarely got a chance to play. 먹튀검증사이트

Accordingly, Werner was making transfer moves, such as counter-offering him to Manchester United, but quickly reached an agreement with Tottenham and decided to make another bid in the Premier League (PL). Werner’s decision involved a conversation with coach Postekoglou.

Philip Hinge, a reporter for Germany’s Sky Sports, revealed the story behind the transfer, saying, “We heard that Werner was really excited in the conversation with coach Postekoglou. Coach Postekoglou also wanted Werner.”

“Werner wanted to move, he wanted to move quickly. (Werner and Tottenham) had a really good agreement. From Thursday, especially on Friday evening, the decision was made quickly. After Saturday evening there was a complete agreement. It was almost 2-3 minutes. “It went from conversation to negotiation to agreement in a matter of days. The deal was made so quickly, but there wasn’t even a conversation in the last 3 to 4 weeks,” he added.

Coach Postekoglou’s persuasion has been giving Tottenham a lot of strength in recruiting new players since last summer. Coach Postekoglou’s persuasion was also crucial in the process of recruiting James Maddison, who was torn between Tottenham and Newcastle United. This is what Maddison himself revealed after transferring to Tottenham. The same goes for Guglielmo Vicario, who is considered Tottenham’s best signing this season.

Coach Postekoglou wanted a versatile striker after making center back his top target in this winter transfer market. He wanted resources that could play both as a striker and as a winger. Werner was perfect as he was fast, moved actively, and could play both centrally and on the flanks. There was no great burden in bringing him on loan.

Tottenham has a lot of room in the weekly wage system with Hugo Lloris leaving, so it is not a big burden to pay Werner’s full weekly wage.

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