Leo’s share up, 47-point blowout…OK financial director “proved he can do it”

After a sluggish start to the season, Leo (34-OK Financial Group) made a spectacular comeback.

Leo scored a team-high 47 points with a 70.69 percent attack success rate against Samsung Fire in the fourth round of the 2023-2024 Dodram V League Men’s Division at Sangryoksu Gymnasium in Ansan, Gyeonggi Province, on Feb. 2. This is the most points he has ever scored in an OK Financial Group (2021-2022 season~) uniform.

Thanks to Leo’s performance, OK Financial Group won the set 3-2 (25-27 25-16 25-14 21-25 18-16). “I’m grateful to the players,” said OK Financial Group head coach Massa Ogino 현금홀덤사이트 after the hard-fought full-set victory, “I think the things we said in training and meetings worked well.”

After losing six games in the previous three rounds, OK Financial Group won two straight after a 3-0 victory over Korean Air in the first game of the fourth round. “After the win against Korean Air, the players’ attitude improved,” said Ogino, “and the players on the court did their part. It was a good performance that showed the team’s strength.”

He applauded Leo’s performance in particular, saying, “I think he did a great job today,” and added, “If he keeps doing that, I feel like I can leave him in good hands.” “I think Leo has really grown a lot,” he added.

Leo struggled in the third round, scoring just two points against Korea on March 21. Leo has made a number of changes during the season, including moving from outside hitter to apogee, but hasn’t been able to find a breakthrough.

Many people pointed to Leo’s low offensive share this season. “We’ve been focusing on increasing Leo’s share lately, and it seems to be paying off,” Ogino said. In fact, Leo had a share of over 50% for the first time this season.

“I’m always talking to Leo, and I’m trying to increase his share,” Ogino said, adding that he’s still learning about Korean volleyball. “It’s still hard to judge how much we can rely on him, but in the last two games, he proved that he can do it.”

“Right now, I think it’s important to build the team around Leo,” said Ogino, whose team rebounded with two straight wins in the fourth round. It remains to be seen if Leo will continue his dazzling performance in the next match.

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