Its Ahn Se-young is back Overcome Injury and Finally Win

Ahn Se-young, the star of Korean badminton, overcame a knee injury to win her first competition this season.

Ahn Se-young, who started off uneasy by losing the first set, launched a full-fledged counterattack from the second set.

He accurately filtered the ball out of the line and pierced every corner of the court with a sharp shot to bring the game to a close.

In the last set, Ahn Se-young, who received treatment as if she felt something was wrong with her knee that was injured during the Asian Games, was allowed to trail by just one point,

but made her opponent’s mistakes one after another and confirmed the victory, and celebrated her first win since the Hangzhou Asian Games with a spirited ceremony. I did. 카지노사이트랭크

[Ahn Se-young/Badminton National Team: I am so happy to be able to win the first match in 2024 like this. I think it is quite meaningful to be able to start off with a win like this.]

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