It’s a Perfect Fit for Tottenham! All you Have to do is Show One Thing You’re Good at.

Tottenham Hotspur has signed striker Timo Werner on loan, who had not been successful at Chelsea in the past, causing a lot of concern among fans.

When the winter transfer window opened in January, Tottenham pursued a plan to sign German striker Timo Werner

who plays for RB Leipzig in the German Bundesliga, on loan for the second half of the 2023-24 season, and is currently about to make an announcement.

German Sky Sports reporter Florian Plattenberg said on his social media account on the 6th, “Werner will join Tottenham on a six-month loan deal. It’s very hot.

He added, “Final negotiations are underway and Werner is preparing to leave the Leipzig training camp. “It’s finished,” he said. 카지노사이트 백링크

Afterwards, the news that Tottenham and Leipzig concluded an agreement and that Werner was scheduled to wear a Tottenham uniform during the second half of the 2023-24 season was reported one after another, and the British public broadcaster ‘BBC’ also reported this, effectively confirming Werner’s loan transfer to Tottenham.

On the 7th, the BBC said, “Tottenham have agreed to a loan deal to sign Timo Werner from Leipzig with an option to sign a permanent contract at the end of the season.

He added, “Werner will fly to London, England for a medical test, and Tottenham will remain in charge for the remainder of the season.

We will pay his salary for the time being.”

Negotiations proceeded quickly, with Tottenham committing to pay Werner’s entire salary.

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Werner, whose transfer is imminent, did not participate in Leipzig’s friendly match during the winter break.

Leipzig coach Marco Rose also said, “It is true that Werner wants to move on loan. He wants to play in the European Football Championship (Euro),” adding

We wish him the best and good luck to him.” Werner’s transfer was acknowledged.

Reporter Fabrizio Romano, an expert in European soccer news, also reported on social media on the 7th

Timo Werner is going to Tottenham (Here we go!)” and “All documents related to the transaction with Leipzig are being prepared.”

, who was convinced of the transfer, used his transfer confirmation ‘trademark’ ‘Here we go!’ and also posted a composite photo of Werner wearing a Tottenham uniform.

He said, “Tottenham signed a loan contract with Werner and included an option clause, but it is not mandatory. Werner will soon go to London, England to undergo a medical test.”

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Afterwards, Reporter Romano once again announced that the transfer was imminent, saying

Tottenham, who have already scheduled a medical test for Timo Werner, are waiting for a contract and the rental agreement will be completed.

Werner will soon begin training as a new Tottenham player.” .

Werner once made a name for himself as one of the best strikers in Germany and the Bundesliga.

Werner, who played for Leipzig for four years from 2016 to 2020 and scored 90 goals and 40 assists in 156 games, scored 28 goals in 34 games in the 2019-20 season and attracted attention from big European clubs.

At the time, Liverpool and Chelsea, the leading powers in the Premier League

showed great interest in recruiting him, and Chelsea succeeded in acquiring Werner by paying a large sum of 45 million pounds (approximately 83.6 billion won) ahead of the 2020-21 season.

When he came into the game, he failed to take advantage of opportunities due to many offsides and poor decision-making. He got his chance in the 2020/21 season, which was his first

playing 2606 minutes in 35 league games, and recorded not bad results with 6 goals and 12 assists.

Coach Thomas Tuchel, who took office midway through this season, led the team to win the UEFA Champions League, and Werner also played in 12 games

including the final, scoring 4 goals and providing 2 assists.

He also added trophies to his career by winning the UEFA Super Cup and the FIFA Club World Cup.

Werner, who showed promise in his debut season, had high expectations from fans, but was pushed out of the competition for the starting role, recording only 4 goals and 1 assist in the league in the 2021-22 season, his second year.

He only played 1,285 minutes in 21 league games, and at the end of the season, he was classified as a non-power resource and was not even listed on the playing list.

Werner, who lost his position at Chelsea, returned to his former team Leipzig in the summer of 2022 to secure playing time.

At the time, it was reported that Leipzig re-signed Werner for 30 million euros (about 43.2 billion won).

Back in the Bundesliga with his former team, Werner succeeded in his revival by scoring 16 goals and 6 assists in 40 games in all competitions, including 9 goals and 4 assists in 27 league games last season. However, similar to his time at Chelsea

he struggled in his second season and pushed for a move once again.

Since the start of the 2023-24 season, Werner’s playing time for Leipzig has decreased significantly.

He has made just four appearances as a starter this season and 10 as a substitute. Werner has played only 386 minutes this season.

This is a big change considering that he played nearly 2,000 minutes in the league last season despite the injury.

Under coach Marco Rose, unlike last season, Werner lost his place as Royce Offenda, Yussuf Poulsen, Xavi Simmons, and Benjamin Seshko were used this season.

As his playing time drastically decreased, his offensive points only increased to 2 goals and 1 assist in 14 games.

Global media ‘’ said in November last year that Werner was the ‘fourth striker’ and that “He has been reduced to a supporting role in Leipzig” and “Now Werner’s physical condition is not important.

He does not play a decisive role in Leipzig.” There is a bar.

He continued, “Coach Roger is using a 4-4-2 structure and uses the fast Offenda and the powerful Szeszko at the forefront. Their main backup is Poulsen.

Werner is the fourth option.” Werner revealed that he was in the worst situation of his career.

As his playing time decreased significantly, Werner decided to transfer him.

He decided to leave Leipzig once again to play as a member of the German national football team at the 2024 European Football Championship

which will be held in his country in June. Werner, who has played a total of 57 international matches, has not been called up to the national team since a friendly match against Belgium in March 2023.

It was Tottenham who reached out to Werner, who desperately wanted playing time.

Leipzig also readily accepted the offer as Tottenham promised to cover the entire salary of Werner

who was behind in the competition for the team’s starting spot and was receiving a high salary.

According to the sports economic website ‘Capology’, Werner is currently receiving a basic weekly salary of about 190,000 euros (about 274 million won) from Leipzig.

Converted into annual salary, it is about 10 million euros (about 14.4 billion won).

There is not much difference from Son Heung-min, who is currently receiving 190,000 pounds (about 318 million won) per week from Tottenham.

With Tottenham and Leipzig reaching an agreement on the terms of the contract and the player agreeing to a loan move to Tottenham

Werner has already decided to return to the Premier League stage, where he failed once.

However, as Werner’s transfer to Tottenham approached, fans who remembered the performance he showed during his time at Chelsea could not hide their concerns.

Werner is a central striker, but his goal-scoring ability is very low and he has suffered from criticism.

According to data provided by ‘Footmob’, a platform specializing in soccer statistics

Werner showed scoring ability that fell short of expected goals (xG) in both the 2020/21 and 2021/22 seasons.

In the 2020/21 season, Werner recorded an xG value of 11.5 in the Premier League and an xG value of 6.96 in the 2021/22 season, but scored below expectations with 6 and 4 goals in each season.

However, global sports media ‘The Athletic’ released its analysis on the 8th and predicted that Werner would be successful at Tottenham.

Going one step further, we thought that Werner had the highest probability of success at Tottenham than other Premier League teams.

This is because Werner’s strengths are consistent with Tottenham’s tactics.

It’s all about quick focus and positioning.

One of Werner’s strengths is his extremely high speed. According to what the official Bundesliga website revealed earlier this month

Werner shows the ‘speed of light’, reaching 100 meters in 11.11 seconds. ‘The Athletic’ analyzed

Werner’s speed, strong pressing, and ability to crack the defense and penetrate space are expected to further develop Tottenham’s current attacking dynamics.”

According to the media, Tottenham’s current strikers are somewhat cautious and cautious in their attacks. 

The Athletic’ said, “Tottenham often loses their numerical advantage with a pass or lateral pass (a pass to the side rather than the front) in a forward situation after a counterattack or release of pressure,” and “Because Werner is only a forward, Tottenham has the advantage.

We can solve the shortcomings,” he said. In other words, with Werner running forward, it becomes easier for other players to attempt a forward pass.

This is a very necessary ability for Tottenham. According to the graph released by ‘The Athletic’,

Werner did not show a scoring ability that was significantly different from his xG value from 2016 to 2020 when he played for Leipzig.

In other words, the reaction after receiving a forward pass is average. The media summarized, “Werner scored the goal and took the opportunity to capture it.

In other words, Werner was a player who perfectly fit the counterattack strategy through space creation that Leipzig required.

And Tottenham also needs a player to pass the ball on a counterattack.

Because he is such a complex player, he was unable to achieve success at Chelsea.

At Chelsea, Werner had to display all the abilities that a central and wing striker should have.

However, this was a move that only took advantage of Werner’s shortcomings, unlike his strengths.

‘The Athletic’ released the dribbling graph of Werner’s two seasons playing for Chelsea and said

It is very unnecessary and difficult to analyze Chelsea’s Werner,” adding, “He is not good at finishing

so he cannot play as a central striker, and he is not good at crossing or penetrating from the side. “It’s difficult to run,” he said.

Looking at the graph at the bottom, Werner mainly moved from the side to the center. It was like the clothes didn’t fit him.

He went on to say, “Tottenham has no need for such an ability at all,” and added, “The ability to create space

which Leipzig needed, is now also being valued by Tottenham.” Since Werner is a fast player, the opposing defense cannot use man-to-man defense

so they must block Werner through cooperative defense. This results in less pressure in other spaces and lays the foundation for fellow players to move more actively.

The media said, “Coach Anzi Postecoglou has successfully revived several players who have already received mixed reviews,” adding,

He is maximizing the strengths and minimizing the weaknesses of many players, including Richarlison, Giovanni Lo Celso, Pedro Foro, and Yves Bissouma.

We are running an efficient team,” he said. Because the team’s atmosphere is positive, it is the perfect team for Werner, who dreams of a brilliant comeback.

In addition to this, it appears that there will be no problem adjusting to life in London. 

The Athletic’ said, “Because Son Heung-min was selected for the Asian Cup, Tottenham currently lacks left-sided and central attack,” and “Werner is not given a new role

so there is less pressure on the player. Also, with the Premier League and He expressed his opinion, saying

Because I have lived in London before, I have few problems adjusting.”

Tottenham, without Son Heung-min, lost 1-0 to Burnley, a team in the bottom half of the league, in the third round of the FA Cup.

This is because the counterattack was not efficient and the finish was not lethal enough.

There has been a lot of speculation about who is the player who can fill Son Heung-min’s vacancy, but perhaps the answer may have been outside the team until now.

Werner, who joined as a loanee, can completely become Tottenham’s after this season for a transfer fee of up to 20 million euros (about 28.8 billion won).

While attention is being paid to whether Postecoglou will be able to achieve maximum efficiency by appointing Werner

much attention is also being paid to whether Werner will be able to achieve success in his second entry into the Premier League.

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