Introduction of ABS, pitch clock, and penalty kicks, final decision made at the KBO board of directors meeting on the 11th

The introduction of various systems that will revolutionize professional baseball this year will be finally decided at the first board meeting of the new year of the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) held on the 11th.According to the baseball world on the 3rd, the representatives of 10 professional clubs and the KBO secretariat will deliberate at the board of directors to decide whether to apply the systems announced to be introduced this year, such as the Automatic Ball-Strike System (ABS), pitch clock, and overtime penalty shooting. decideSince it is the biggest variable that will determine the players’ performance and team rankings in the 2024 season, attention is focused on the board of directors’ conclusions.As part of the ‘KBO League/Team Korea Level Up Project’, a comprehensive measure to strengthen the competitiveness of Korean baseball announced by the KBO Secretariat in July last year, the pitch clock and extension implemented by Major League Baseball (MLB) in the regular league in 2023 under the pretext of shortening the game time. It was decided to introduce penalty shooting into the league in 2024.

He added that, like MLB, he plans to consider expanding the base size to prevent player injuries and increase stolen bases. The KBO secretariat also announced in October last year that it would introduce ABS this year to strengthen the fairness and transparency of decisions.ABS is a system in which a so-called robot umpire judges balls and strikes, and the pitch clock is a system that strictly measures pitchers’ pitch intervals.If there is no winner or loser in the regular innings (9 innings), the team that scores the most runs first, starting from the top of the 10th inning, places runners on 1st, 2nd or 2nd base, and the team that scores the most runs wins.Players, who had to adapt to the new system all at once, except for overtime penalty shooting, which they experienced directly or indirectly in international competitions, showed mixed reactions of expectations and 스포츠토토존 concerns and requested that detailed regulations, such as strike zone settings, be quickly established.

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