Gyeongnam Development Corporation wins 33-22, 10-point victory over Busan Facilities Corporation

Gyeongnam Development Corporation wins big over Busan Facilities Corporation.

Gyeongnam Development Corporation defeated Busan Facilities Corporation 32-22 in the first round of the Shinhan SOL Pay 23-24 Handball H League Women’s Division at Gwangmyeong Citizens’ Gymnasium in Gwangmyeong, Gyeonggi-do, on Wednesday.

Gyeongnam Development Corporation moved into second place with three wins and one loss and six points, while Busan Facilities Corporation remained in seventh place with one win and four losses and two points.

Overall, Gyeongnam Development Corporation controlled the flow. Busan Facilities Corporation had chances to catch up, but failed to capitalize on their offensive opportunities and lost.

The first half belonged to Gyeongnam Development Corporation, with Lee Yeon-kyung and Heo Yoo-jin standing out. Early on, Busan Facilities Corporation’s Lee Hye-won scored a cool mid-range shot to tie the game.

However, the play of Lee Yeon-kyung, who was blocked, came to life and Busan’s mistakes led to Gyeongnam Development Corporation scoring five goals in a row to take a 13-7 lead.

Busan Metropolitan Government raised the defense and actively defended, but Gyeongnam Development Corporation broke through with a breakthrough and pivot play, ending the first half with a 15-10 lead. Busan Facilities Corporation was led by Lee Hye-won, but it was too much for her to lead the game alone.

In the second half, Busan Facilities Corporation did not score a goal for five minutes, allowing Gyeongnam Development Corporation to go up 18-10. Busan Development Corporation scored back-to-back goals to make it 19-13, but mistakes prevented them from closing the gap.

Busan Metropolitan Government’s defense improved, but the gap widened to 26-16, 10 points, as they could not tie the knot in the attack. Gyeongnam Development Corporation was fortunate to have goalkeeper Osara’s saves.

Afterward, they exchanged balls and maintained a 10-point gap, and Gyeongnam won 32-22.

Gyeongnam Development Corporation led the offense with six goals from Kim Isul, five from Yoo Hye-jung and Heo Yoo-jin, while Osara, who was named MVP, made 15 saves. Lee Yeon-kyung added three assists to reach the 300-assist mark for the 16th time in her career.

Busan Facilities Corporation was led offensively by Lee Hye-won with nine goals and Kim Da-young with five goals, while goalkeeper Kim Soo-yeon made 10 saves.

“I was in a bad mood after losing the last game, but I’m so happy to win today,” said Kim Isul, who scored a team-high six goals in the victory. “I played a full game for the first time in a long time, and my teammates gave me good assists, so I was able to score a lot of goals.”


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