Ahn Chi-hong has already taken his first steps

Preparation is key. Ahn Chi-hong (34), who joined Hanwha as a free agent, has already taken his first steps as a Daejeon man. He moved to Daejeon early to get up to speed with the team, and has been training with Hanwha players at their home stadium.

Ahn Chi-hong has been putting his stamp of approval on his workout at Hanwha Life Eagles Park in Daejeon since November 11. After signing a free agent contract with Hanwha on Nov. 20 last year for 4+2 years and up to 7.2 billion won ($7.2 million), Ahn moved quickly, setting up shop in his new home in Daejeon in December.

“I came to Daejeon early because I wanted to adapt quickly,” he said. I only moved in mid-December. I’ve been living down here by myself (leaving my family behind) since I started training.” “I’m in the adjustment phase. As soon as spring training is over, it’s exhibition games, and as soon as exhibition games are over, it’s the season, so the sooner I get used to it (off-season training), the sooner I feel like this is my home ground.” 온라인카지노 The start of this year’s KBO season was moved up a week to March 23 due to the WBSC Premier 12 tournament taking place after the season.

Ahn’s preparation accelerated accordingly.

Since December, Ahn has been working on his body with weight training, catching, and indoor batting practice, and has been familiarizing himself with the Hanwha players at their new home, Hanwha Life Eagles Park. “We’ve seen each other on the field a lot, but now we’re on the same team, and we have to look in the same direction,” he said. The players will meet in February at the spring training camp in Melbourne, Australia, but they’ve been sweating it out and building a camaraderie since their inactivity.

“I’m working out with (Chae) Eun Sung-hyung, (Jang) Shihwan-yi, (Joo) Phenomenon, and (Ha) Tin-yi. “I haven’t met many of them yet, so I’m not sure what to expect. I’m looking forward to spring training because I haven’t met many players yet.”

Ahn Chi-hong was evaluated as a “model student” in the first round of free agency. After signing a 2+2 year deal with Lotte in January 2020 for up to 5.6 billion won ($5.6 million), Ahn agreed to a two-year extension early during the 2021 season to complete his four-year contract. In his four years with Lotte, Ahn played 496 games as the starting second baseman, batting .364 (1751-for-511) with 40 home runs, 257 RBI, 187 walks, 210 strikeouts, a .427 on-base percentage and a .791 OPS.

According to the KBO’s official record book, Sports2eye, Ahn compiled a WAR of 12.21 over four years. He was the second-best WAR among second basemen during that time, behind Ki Uhm (17.25). She is a very complete hitter who can be placed anywhere from the 1-2 table setter to the 3-5 center fielder. With the ups and downs of the batting order, Hanwha needed a hitter like Ahn Chi-hong who could consistently deliver.

Ahn was also recognized for his leadership as a senior player, as he captained the Lotte team last year.

He’s quiet, but when he has something to say, he says it with authority, and he leads by example. His sincerity was recognized from a young age. Hanwha head coach Son Hyuk said, “He is a proven leader. Many of our younger players will be able to learn from him.”

Ahn Chi-hong’s leadership has also inspired the existing second basemen Jung Eun-won and Moon Hyun-bin, creating a competitive system. When Ahn is at second base, both players have to go to the outfield. If they show competitiveness, Ahn could share the first base and designated hitter spots with Chae Eun-sung. Moon Hyun-bin also said, “It’s great that Ahn Chi-hong is here. 바카라사이트 추천 Even last year, I couldn’t have stayed in the first team if Chae Eun-sung wasn’t there. She helped me a lot in terms of mindset and technique. It’s a great opportunity to learn a lot from Ahn Chi-hong as well,” she said, adding, “I’m confident in competing for the (starting second base) spot. I’m confident of doing well.”

Ahn Chi-hong is also putting the team first. In his four years with Lotte, he had good individual results, but the team never made it to the postseason. “My goal for the new year is team performance. Personally, it’s something that every player says, but it’s to have an injury-free season,” he said, vowing to focus on staying healthy and achieving team results.

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