Pedro Porro’s tragic story, “Inseparable, we couldn’t even say goodbye…”

Pedro Foro shares a heartbreaking story.

Since joining Tottenham Hotspur last winter, Foro has been touted as the next big thing. After a somewhat disappointing start to his career, he has shown the sharpness he has shown for Sporting so far this season. He has become a key resource in the system of coach Enze Postecoglou.

However, Foro shared a heartbreaking story. “Tottenham wing-back Foro has spoken out about his personal struggles,” said the Telegraph. His childhood best friend, Mohamed Khairat Tamahaj, died after a tumor on his kidney metastasized to his brain. Foro and Tamahaj met at the age of five and were inseparable, walking to school together every day.”

The captive said, “We met in my hometown of Badajoz, in a village called Don Benito. Tamahaj and his family were from Morocco. The best friendships start naturally. One day, Tamahaz knocked on my door and introduced himself. From then on, we went to school together and were inseparable. We always played together in the schoolyard and on the streets,” he recalls.

“Time separated us. I’ve been in Madrid, Girona, Valladolid, Lisbon, Lisbon, and now London, focusing on soccer. The other day I heard that Tamahaz was sick. A tumor in his kidneys had spread rapidly to his head. I didn’t have time to say goodbye to him. The family didn’t have the money to return to Morocco, and I decided to help them. I hope Tamahaz is now resting in peace in the arms of his family,” he mourned his departed best friend.

Despite the sadness of losing his childhood best friend, Foro is making the best of it. This continued while Mickey van der Penn was out with injury and Cristian Romero was suspended. Foro has also provided a boost to Tottenham’s offense with assists against Wolverhampton in Round 12, Aston Villa in Round 13 and West Ham United in Round 15.

Meanwhile, Spurs are winless in their last five games, having failed to defend their lead after scoring first. They have also fallen from first to fifth in the standings. Next round, Tottenham and the hosts welcome Newcastle United to Tottenham Hotspur Stadium to try and break the winless streak.


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