Large-scale support to the LIV Golf League, including Ham Jeong-woo, Korea Professional Golf Award winner

Promotional competition in Abu Dhabi next week Top 3 qualified for next season
Dufner, winner of the 2013 PGA Championship, will also participate.

Ham Jeong-woo

Ham Jeong-woo, who won the Korea Professional Golf (KPGA) Korean Tour Genesis Grand Prize, applied to the LIV Golf League sponsored by Saudi Arabia’s Sovereign Wealth Fund (PIF).

The list of promotional tournament participants announced by the LIV Golf League on the 1st (Korean time) included players who were active in the Korean Tour, including Ham Jeong-woo, Eom Jae-woong, Han Seung-soo (USA), Jeong Chan-min, Kang Gyeong-nam, Kim Bio, Go Gun-taek, Lee Jeong-hwan, Lee Tae-hee, and Moon Kyung-jun. .

This tournament will be held at the Abu Dhabi Golf Club in the United Arab Emirates from the 8th to the 10th, local time, with a total prize money of 1.5 million dollars ($200,000 for the winner), and the top 3 players will be eligible to participate in next year’s LIV League. . 카지노사이트랭크

LIV Golf 2023 Awards Ceremony

After the first round, those tied for 20th place advance to the second round, and with their scores reset, they compete with players who automatically advance to the second round.Players like Kim Si-hwan, who played in the LIV league but were unable to renew their contracts due to poor performance, will play starting from the second round.

Players who are tied for 20th place after the second round will have their scores reset to the starting point on the last day of the competition and then play a 36-hole match, with the top three receiving the right to participate in next year’s LIV League.

Jason Dufner (USA), who won the PGA Championship, a major golf tournament in 2013, will also participate in this tournament.

Dufner, 46, has not ranked in the top 10 in various competitions since 2019, and currently falls to 543rd in the world golf rankings.

In addition to Duffner, Victor Dubisson (France), who played for the European team in the Ryder Cup, was also named to the participation list. 섯다

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