Jo Jae-ho wins professional billiards title in 8 months 4th win in total

Jo Jae-ho, who won his first professional billiards championship this season

Superman’ Jo Jae-ho (NH Nonghyup Card) lifted the first championship trophy of the season.

Jae-ho Cho defeated Eddie Refens (Belgium, SK Rent-a-Car) with a set score of 4-1 in the PBA finals of the High1 Resort PBA-LPBA Championship held at the High1 Grand Hotel in Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do on the afternoon of the 30th of last month.

Jo Jae-ho, who won his first championship this season eight months after the SK Rent-a-Car World Championship, the king of kings last season, achieved his fourth win in total.

After receiving the winning prize of 100 million won, he jumped from 14th to 3rd (115.5 million won) in the season’s prize money rankings.

Jo Jae-ho said, “It wasn’t good because I repeatedly dropped out in the middle of the season. I thought I really lost in the quarterfinals, but I came back to life. There is a saying, ‘If you come back from death and come back, you play well,’ and I thought God was helping me in this tournament.”

Regarding winning the championship trophy late this season, he was happy, saying, “It was an opportunity to become more mature. It is important to not give up. I never gave up until the last moment, so I was able to turn things around.”

PBA, which has completed its 7th tour of the season, will continue the 4th round of the Welcome Savings Bank PBA Team League at KINTEX PBA Stadium starting on the 5th.

Jo Jae-ho emphasized, “Now I only watch the team league. Since I have achieved my personal goal (of winning the championship), the biggest goal is to make our team (NH Nonghyup Card) win the championship.” 19가이드03

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