Betrayal of a Chelsea legend? “May Everton win, even if Chelsea lose!”

Chelsea ‘legend’ Ruud Gullit (61) made a bombshell statement.

“Chelsea legend Rudy Gullit (61) said he was rooting for Everton between Chelsea and Everton,” global sports media outlet reported on Sept. 9 (local time).

Chelsea will face Everton in the 16th round of the 2023-2024 Premier League at Goodison Park in Liverpool, England, at 11 p.m. on Tuesday. After 15 league games, Chelsea is 10th in the league with 19 points (W5 D4 L6), while Everton is 17th in the league with 10 points (W6 D2 L7, 10 points deducted).

Things aren’t looking good for Chelsea. After a disappointing finish last season, finishing 12th in the league, the Blues were active in the transfer market in hopes of rebounding in the 2023-2024 season, and hired Mauricio Pochettino to lead the charge. However, things haven’t gotten any better for Chelsea.

In the midst of all this, club legend Gullit made an unexpected statement about supporting Everton. “Gullit has made a surprising comment – he seems to want Chelsea to lose this weekend’s match between Chelsea and Everton,” said

The reason Gullit is rooting for Everton is because the Blues have been disciplined.

Everton were recently docked 10 points for breaching the Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules. “Gulit seems to have sympathy for Everton,” the media analyzed.

According to the report, Gulit said, “I feel sympathy for Everton. I think everyone feels sympathy for Everton. I want Everton to stay in the Premier League. Even if it means picking up three points against Chelsea.”

A legendary player who played for Feyenoord Rotterdam, PSV Eindhoven, and AC Milan, Gullit moved to Chelsea in 1995 and has been a player-manager since 1996. It was at Chelsea that he hung up his cleats and announced his retirement in 1998.

“The only reason I’m saying this is because of the situation at Everton,” Gulit said, “I’m still a Chelsea fan and I want Chelsea to win. But I have sympathy for Everton and I want them to stay. So I want Everton to win.”

He added: “I apologize to Chelsea fans. I like Everton manager Sean Dyche. I’m still a Chelsea fan, so I feel uncomfortable saying this,” he added.


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