Korea’s top two players, Shin Shin-seo 9 and Kim Myung-hoon 9, have been eliminated in the quarterfinals of the Samsung Hwa Jae-gyup. On the second day of the quarterfinals of the Samsung Fire Global Campus 2023 World Go Masters in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea’s No. 1 Shin Shin-seo was defeated by China’s Xu Shehao in 158 moves .Shin Shin-seo, who was black on the day, made a quick move and took the lead in the opening .However, his focus on the board and neglect of his pieces proved to be the difference. As Xin Xin continued to build up his pieces, Xie Shenghao ran out of room and launched an all-out attack on the black king on the left side. Xin Xin searched for an escape, and when he couldn’t find one, he tried to complete the move on the white side, but was unable to make two moves and suffered a shocking defeat.

It was the second straight loss in the tournament for Shin, who had won seven straight games against Sheilhao before losing his last two. Fellow quarterfinalist Kim Myung-hoon 9th dan was defeated by Chinese powerhouse Ding Hao 9th dan in 243 moves .Kim, who was at a disadvantage after missing a chance to grab his opponent’s king in the middlegame, continued to fight for his left and right king, but was unable to turn the game around and threw a stone. This left Korea with only Park Jung-hwan 9 dan in the quarterfinals of the Samsung Hwajae Jae, who had won the quarterfinals the previous day. After the quarterfinals, the draw for the quarterfinals pitted Xu Ziyang 9th dan against Xu Ziyang in the 23rd quarterfinal and Park Jung-hwan against Ding Hao in the 24th quarterfinal .Park has a 2-2 head-to-head record against Ding Hao. The prize pool for the winner is 300 million won, and the prize pool for the runner-up is 100 million won. The 슬롯사이트 time limit is two hours and five one-minute second reads each.

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