Losing the height battle…Coach Ogino “I told him to look away and hit him…I need more practice”

The battle for height was the difference between victory and defeat.

OK Financial Group lost to Korean Air with a set score of 0-3 (20-25 24-26 15-25) in the first round of the men’s Dodram 2023-24 V League 토토 at Gyeyang Gymnasium in Incheon on July 7.

OK Financial Group (10 points), which was looking for its third straight win, fell to fourth place as it was sacrificed to Korean Air (13 points) for its third straight win.

Lost the height battle The team struggled with Korean Air’s height, conceding 13 blocks. The team recorded just one block.

OK Financial Group, which was leading in blocking before this match, lost the top spot to Korean Air and slipped to third place.

“In practice, I told the players to look farther down the course and hit, but there are still a lot of downward shots,” said coach Ogino Massage. “It would be nice to show smart attacks in the game, but the players’ confidence is still lacking. We need to practice more.”

“We still have five more matches against Korean Air. We will prepare well,” he added.

OK Financial Group also minimized the number of unforced errors on the day, limiting them to eight.

Conscious of their errors, they reduced their spike serve attempts, making it easier for their opponents to win set plays.

Coach Ogino said, “That’s within our expectations. Especially Korean Air is a good receiving team, so no matter what kind of serve we play, they will have a good reception.” “We are trying to play a serve that targets the front and back, not just a weak serve. We’re not looking to block their attacks, but rather to unleash our own attacks after the defense.”

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