LG coach Yeom Kyung-yup “Austin brought the flow, Oh Ji-hwan brought the victory”

One step closer to winning the Korean Series, LG Twins manager Yoon Kyung-yeop vowed a must-win game four.

LG won Game 3 of the best-of-seven 2023 KBO Korean Series (KS-7) 8-7 against the KT Wiz at KT Wiz Park in Suwon on Tuesday, led by Oh Ji-hwan’s game-winning three-run home run in the top of the ninth inning.

After losing the first game of the Korean Series, LG took the second and third games to gain an advantage. A team that wins Game 3 after going 1-1 has a whopping 85 percent chance of winning the Korean Series.

LG will look to repeat the feat in Game 4 on April 11 at 2 p.m. at the same venue.

“In the last minute of the batting battle, Oh Ji-hwan hit a decisive three-run home run to win the game,” said coach Yeom Kyung-yup.

The following is a brief one-on-one interview with Coach Yoon Kyung-yup.

-Game Recap.
“It was a tough game today because Wes Benjamin came out, but Austin Dean hit a home run to turn the whole game in our favor. The tough part was not playing good baseball and giving up runs. It was a tough game, but the hitters came out and played well from yesterday. In the end of the batting battle, Oh Ji-hwan hit the decisive three-run homer to win the game. Go Woo-seok was struggling a little bit, but Lee Jung-yong did a good job of finishing him off. I think we can play with a better overall team atmosphere.”

-Lee Jung-yong on why he warmed up in the seventh inning and Go Woo-seok came out in the eighth.
“I thought about it a lot. I thought about putting Go Woo-seok up first, and if he has a lot of pitches, I’ll go to Lee Jung-yong later. I thought it was important to close out the eighth inning. His pitches weren’t bad, but he struggled with his delivery. He will definitely get better as he plays more games.”

-We used a lot of bullpen guys today.
“The most important thing is that we managed our pitch count well. I don’t have a problem with Yoo pitching tomorrow, except for Yoo Young-chan, because he threw two innings for the second game in a row, which could be a little bit of a strain. I don’t think he’ll have a problem pitching one inning if the situation calls for it, but overall his pitch count is good, so he’ll be ready for tomorrow.”

-Today at the plate, my opponent was well prepared.
“I can’t help it. If he throws accurately, it’s a stolen base. We’re always going to make a move when we need a steal. I think our guys are confident after winning 먹튀검증 game two, they’re focused on the game, they want to win, and they’re desperate. Desperation won the game today. The whole rush is because the players are so passionate and obsessed with winning. We need to prepare well for the next game.”

-Kim Yoon-sik, on starting Game 4.
“The coaching staff evaluated it as not bad, so Kim Yun-sik will start tomorrow.”

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