Hangzhou roller upsets the apple cart, but this time it’s her own ceremony

It seems that it is really difficult to put aside the jubilation of victory and run with all your might.According to Taiwanese media such as the Korea Roller Sports Federation and the Korea Daily Newspaper on Thursday, the previous day in Tainan, Taiwan, there was a scene that could be considered a ‘déjà vu’ for Korean and Taiwanese sports fans.During the men’s 1,000-meter roller skating race at the Taiwan National Championships, an athlete who was running ahead of the pack was overturned while performing a ceremony.He pumped his fists in triumph just before crossing the finish line. However, the runner behind him didn’t give up until the end and stuck out his left foot to pull off the upset.

The gap between first place (1:27.202) and second place (1:27.172) was only 0.03 seconds, but what’s even more surprising is that it was Huang Yi-lin, who is the hero of the upset for the Chinese Taipei National Team at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games.In the 3,000-meter relay race at the Hangzhou Asian Games on Feb. 2, Huang Yi-lin produced one of the top 10 “highlights” of the Games across all disciplines.Going into the final lap, South Korea’s victory seemed assured.South Korea’s last runner, Chung Chul-won, threw his arms in the air in celebration.

But Hwang Yi-lin, who was behind him, sprinted all the way to the line and slammed his left foot into the finish line.The result was a 0.01-second victory for Taiwan.After the thrilling upset, the Taiwanese celebrated, while the Koreans shook their heads.The fact that Chung and his teammate Choi In-ho (Nonsan City Hall) had not yet completed their military service made the victory seem even more dramatic.If South Korea had won the gold medal that day, they would have been eligible for special military service benefits.After the heartbreaking defeat, Hwang said, “I saw my opponent celebrating. I wanted to tell them that I was still fighting while they were celebrating,” Huang said after the match.

But less than a month later, he was upset by an opponent who “fought to the end.The photos of the two crossing the finish line are almost identical, with the only difference being the “roles” and the “poses” of the athletes.Taiwanese sports fans have been stitching the photos together and posting them on Twitter.The athlete who upset Huang Yulin at the national championships was Zhao Tzu-hsiung, who won the gold medal in the 3,000-meter relay together in Hangzhou.Chung Chul-won, Choi In-ho and Choi Kwang-ho (Daegu City Hall), who won tearful silver medals in Hangzhou, will continue their challenge at the 104th National Games in Ilsan, 스포츠토토링크 South Jeolla Province.

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