15 Hour Forced March, Roll Asian Games National Team

‘15 Hour Forced March’ Roll Asian Games National Team… “I Will Definitely Win a Gold Medal”

The Korean national team for the Hangzhou Asian Games esports League of Legends revealed its final determination.

The national LoL team relayed their training progress and commitment to winning the gold medal at a media day held at the Esports Hall of Fame at the S-Plex Center in Mapo-gu, Seoul on the 16th.

At the event, coach Kim Jeong-gyun, Lee Sang-hyuk (Faker), Choi Woo-jae (Zeus),

Ryu Min-seok (Keria) (T1), Jeong Ji-hoon (Chovy, Gen.G e-Sports),

Park Jae-hyuk (Ruler), Seo Jin-hyuk (Carnaby) (Jingdong Gaming)

and three power analysts including Lee Jae-min, Kim Dong-ha, and Lee Jae-wan attended.

Before the press conference began, Coach Kim Jeong-gyun said,

“The players may look a little tired due to the forced march, so please understand.”

As Coach Kim said, fatigue was clearly felt among the players. 바카라사이트

In the case of Ruler, he seemed to wake up from his sleep by drinking coffee during the press conference.

According to Coach Kim, the current LoL national team continues training from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. the next day.

More players are staying and are even doing personal training.

It is said that Director Kim Jeong-gyun forces the practice room door to be closed at 3 a.m. to ensure sleep time.

The entire team was literally changing time to catch up with the practice period that was behind China.

Even in the practice room where we visited for a photo shoot, we could get a glimpse of the players’ ‘nutrition fighting spirit’.

In the corner of the practice area, vitamin supplements, known to help relieve fatigue, were placed for consumption at any time.

Even in physically difficult situations, all members of the team were united in their determination to win a gold medal.

Coach Kim Jeong-gyun emphasized, “Ever since I accepted the position as coach,

my goal has been to win the gold medal,” and added,

“Considering the current composition and form of the team,

I think we will be able to win.”

Captain Faker also said, “I believe that if I do my best not only during training but also during competitions, a gold medal will follow.”

In order to win the Asian Games LoL gold medal, tier organization and condition management are expected to be key.

Regarding this, Coach Kim explained, “We are collecting and organizing data from past competitions for each team, scrimmage, and country.

Rather than saying whether a specific champion is right or wrong, we are all practicing in various directions.”

He also added, “As the Asian Games are held in the morning,

I plan to start my daily routine accordingly starting next week.”

In fact, most e-sports players usually train at night and early in the morning and compete in the afternoon.

Therefore, it is important to manage your condition according to the Asian Games schedule to demonstrate your skills.

Finally, coach Kim Jeong-gyun expressed his determination,

saying, “I will definitely win the inaugural Asian Games champion (in League of Legends, which has been adopted as an official sport).”

Coach Kim is known to have turned down various offers from overseas leagues in order to concentrate on his duties as national team coach.

Chovy expressed his confidence, saying, “I plan to play well and win the gold medal.”

Choi Woo-je also added, “(With the Asian Games) e-sports are receiving a lot of attention, and we will achieve good results.”

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