Yang Seo-woo, The Judo of the Tokyo Olympics

Yang Seo-woo, the judo of the Tokyo Olympics ‘Shaved Fighting Spirit’, rescued in his 70s from being swept away by the waves

Known for good deeds through rescuer’s daughter “I just did something obvious… I’m ashamed”

It was belatedly known that Yang Seo-woo (Suncheon City Hall, former name Kang Yu-jeong),

a former national judo representative who impressed a lot by spreading a ‘shaving fighting spirit’ at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, rescued a vacationer who was swept away by the waves.

Suncheon City Hall

Suncheon City Hall said on the 9th, “Yang Seo-woo rescued a vacationer A (78) at Mallipo Beach in Taean on the 5th.”

While waiting anxiously, Yang Seo-woo, who witnessed the situation,

took the risk and jumped into the sea to rescue them.” 온라인카지노

Yang Seo-woo

Yang Seo-woo’s good deeds became known when the rescuer’s daughter contacted the Sports Industry Division of Suncheon City Hall.

As Yang Seo-woo left his place without revealing his identity,

but after hearing people around him say that he was a judo player,

he contacted the city of Suncheon to express his gratitude.

Yang Seo-woo said in a phone call with Yonhap News on the 10th,

“I visited Mallipo Beach where my mother, a haenyeo, was, and saw my grandfather floating away hanging from a tube.”

He said, “I swam with the thought that I had to be rescued unconditionally.”

He added, “I learned how to swim in the sea from my mother, a haenyeo, so I was able to rescue her.”

“Anyone who knows how to swim would have jumped in. I just did something obvious, and I’m ashamed.”

Yang Seo-woo drew attention by shaving his hair white at the Tokyo Olympics held in July 2021.

Yang Seo-woo, who was suffering from various injuries at the time,

was hit by weight management due to balance problems, and had difficulties in the weigh-in process held the day before the match.

He weighed 350g more than his standard even after squeezing the water out of his body,

then shoved his hair white with his stationery scissors to pass through his body.

Yang Seo-woo was forced to participate in the tournament despite symptoms of dehydration, and unfortunately lost in the round of 32, failing to win a medal.

Yang Seo-woo, who finished the Olympics, changed his name and took on new challenges,

such as raising his weight class to 52 kg.

He said, “I am training hard with the goal of participating in the National Sports Festival in October and the National Team Selection Tournament in November”.

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