What are the famous bingo numbers’ names?

In truth, there aren’t many people around the world who have never heard of bingo. Whatever name you call it, the concept doesn’t change too much wherever you are on the planet.

A bonus of bingo is that it also offers you the very real possibility of winning some cash prizes. Many people have won hefty sums of money playing bingo. It’s not just fun, it can be lucrative too.

Potential problems for newbies

Having said this, if you’re a bingo rookie, the jargon called out by the bingo caller can be confusing. This is true both for playing in-house at a bingo hall, and online too. In a game where you have to be attentive to a series of numbers being called out, if the numbers have different names, it can be frustrating not to understand the nicknames.

After all, if you’re not quick enough, someone will reach bingo before you and that prize could have been yours!

Some famous names for bingo numbers
It’s worth having a look at bingo number lists as the nicknames aren’t always that self-explanatory.

Kelly’s eye – Number 1. Some people say that this refers to the slit in Ned Kelly’s helmet.

One little duck – means the number 2.

Cup of tea – means the number 3.

Knock at the door – means the number 4.

Man alive – means the number 5.

Half a dozen – means the number 6.

Lucky for some – means the number 7.

Garden gate – means the number 8.

Brighton line / Doctor’s orders – mean the number 9. The former is simple Cockney rhyming slang, and the latter is a reference to a laxative prescribed by doctors to British soldiers in WWII.

Big Ben – means the number 10.

So that’s the important part done, right? Once you’ve got one to ten sorted, the rest should just fall into place. Shouldn’t they?

Not exactly. As each number has a story, there are some more you can learn. The following are the most common (and bemusing) ones.

Valentine’s Day – is the number 14

Young and keen – is the number 15

Dancing Queen – is the number 17

Key to the door / Royal salute – both can mean the number 21

The Lord is my shepherd – is the number 23

Duck and a crutch – is the number 27

Buckle my shoe – is the number 32

Christmas cake – is the number 38

Steps – is the number 39

Down on your knees – is the number 43

PC – is the number 49

Here comes Herbie! – is the number 53

Shotts bus – is the number 56

Heinz varieties – is the number 57

Baker’s bun – is the number 61

Clickety click – is the number 66

Sunset strip – is the number 77

Gandhi’s breakfast – is the number 80

Two fat ladies – is the number 88

Top of the shop – is the number 90

For the comical stories behind the names of the numbers, you should study List of British bingo nicknames – Wikipedia. You’re guaranteed a laugh!

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